Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

Our Action Defines Our Milieu


Anish Ghimire

Our lives are inter-dependent. With or without our intention, we are making an impact on the lives of others. Our behavior, our activities, and our beliefs affect the functioning of our surroundings. Our milieu and its productivity are a direct or indirect effect of our activities. As humans, we are under some kind of business all the time.
Some are busy working for money, some are chasing ambitions, some are envying, and some are hurting from their past experiences. Our existence is never null. We constantly feel or do something throughout our lives. Even if you sit idle, not doing anything is your business. And your doings affect your environment. Your deeds are swallowed by the people around you. With or without your intention, you are passing the vibes from your doings to your surroundings. It depends on whether you pass on the good vibes or the bad ones.

Casualty of Idiocy
You pollute your surroundings if your doings are fallacious. You practice wrong behavior, speak vulgarly, and carry a disregard for people’s sentiments, then people will be under the shadow of your impression. You may not realise the casualty of your idiocy, but somewhere, someone is affected by your adverse behavior. This will have a direct impact on your personality. Because humans will base you upon how they feel when they see you. Your aura will evidently define your personality and your place in society. Simply said, you will be judged by the kind of impact you make on others and your surroundings.
On the other hand, if your instincts are positive, you wish good for others, carry humbleness, and energize the people around you, then you influence your environment in such a way. After all, the type of personality you have will influence the people around you. Optimistic people gravitate towards you. And toxic people start hating on you and attempt to drag you down because your positivism shines so bright that it hurts their eyes to look directly at you. Since you carry a positive aura, you become a magnet for positivism. The light you throw off will cast upon your milieu.
As I mentioned, the impact we make can be intentional or accidental. By the looks of it, many people firmly ignore the idea of throwing an impact of intention. The citizens of modern society can be so naive sometimes that they forget the environment is formed by a bunch of people. It is not a separate entity. People and the environment are not different. A collection of people rightfully builds an environment. Many people barely sit back and think deeply about the kind of energy they give back to their surroundings.
They refuse to admit that their activities can also be a leading cause of a failure of a system in the environment. We often find such people whining about their milieu, as they fail to assess their own behavior. A toxic person complains about not having enough positive vibes in the world or the society or their homes. A bully complains about a lack of politeness in the school premises.
An abuser complains about how women are unsafe in society. A corrupt politician registers a complaint on the exploitation of the governance system. These people don’t realize they influence what they complain about. You ask a corrupt government official and he will blame the system.
He won’t say he is selfish and wants to earn more. He will simply blame the system and complain about the country’s weak administrative system. A rapist will blame women for the rape but never accept the fact that they themselves are the reason for this hideous crime. Such people degrade our environment. They pollute our surroundings. They lack the power of self-assessment, to judge themselves, and to accept their mistake.
Our environment does not make us, we make our environment. Our activities and our behavior describe the state of our milieu, society, and the country. It is very easy to sit back and complain about the majority. But to realize thyself and pass on the realization to the environment is a tough ask in modern society.

Immature Behaviour
People don’t have time for that. Accepting a mistake makes one feel small. To commit a mistake is popular in comparison to accepting it. We possess such immature and selfish behavior. And it reflects our surroundings. That is why the degradation of our system is at large. Political, financial, ethical, and cultural values are at risk due to our inhumane activities which have grasped the roots of our country.
Our illogical and chaotic behavior is seen in almost every aspect of our lives; in the parking lots, in the cinemas, in offices, in schools, in public vehicles, etc. Our immaturity flows alongside blood in our veins. Do you want to ask why your country is not progressive? Analyze your environment. Do you want to know why the environment is degraded? Ask yourself. Our behavior is ruined, and so is our environment. Our environment is disorderly and so is our country.

(Ghimire is a college student)