Saturday, 8 August, 2020

Nepal’s Position Well Articulated


Nepal foreign policies have been further articulated, with its growing activeness, participation and engagement in the bilateral and multilateral forums. Nepal has asserted its role while dealing with other nations.
It is being heard on the internal stage. Now the world has witnessed competition in the field of military, economy and technology. Nepal’s foreign policy is geared towards benefiting from opportunities amidst challenges triggered by geopolitical situation. The world is increasingly becoming interdependent and we are conducting foreign policy accordingly.
In the past, ideologies used to prevail in the relations of nations but today they are based on agenda of mutual interests. We have been successful in forging meaningful economic partnership with the both neighbours – Indian and China.
We have signed milestone deals with the neighbours, which are expected to boost the nation’s economy. We have maintained balanced relations with the neighbours.
We have pursued robust economic diplomacy, with much focus on utilising foreign expertise and promoting investment, tourism and exports. Nepal is doing its best to revive the SAARC.
The issue of the encroachment of Kalapani area will be solved through dialogue. India has agreed to discuss the matter after Nepal sent a diplomatic note to the former. The date for meeting is yet to be fixed. We want for good relations with the neighbour. I strongly believe that this dispute will be sorted out based on the historic evidence such as the Sugauli Treaty.
Nepal has taken new initiatives to enhance its foreign relations. Sagaramatha Sambad is one such step which will enable the country to share the impact of climate change at home and abroad.
It primarily seeks to highlight the role of Nepal in minimising the adverse impact of climate change. In a similar way, Nepal will draw the world’s attention as to how Nepal is bearing the brunt of consequences of climate change.

(Based on conversations with Minister for Foreign Affairs Pradeep Kumar Gyawali) 

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