Friday, 14 August, 2020

Man tries to save his wife, daughters, but landslides sweep them down


By Santosh Gautam, Myagdi, July 12: Hira Jugjali, 33, of Rikh, Dhaulagiri Rural Municipality had a plan to go to the fields for planting black millet seedlings early on Friday morning. But her plan for livelihood got buried along with her under the landslides that tore her house before the dawn on the same day.

Hira's husband Dhan Bahadur tried to save her by pulling her and two daughters out of the running heap of mud, but to no avail.

"We had planned to go to the fields early in the morning. Eldest daughter and son were with me while my wife and two daughters were sleeping in the other room. I tried to pull them out of the landslides when I got up, but the rolling mud swept them down in front of my eyes," Dhan Bahadur in tears shared his most unfortunate experience of his life about how he lost his wife and daughters, Kanchan and Karishma.

Presently, Dhan Bahadur is under treatment in Beninhospital because he got injured while trying to escape from the slandslip.

Dhan Bahadur's son Arjan and daughter Ritu had run away after they learnt about falling of landslides. For over 36 hours, Dhan Bahadur lived with the pain and the horrible experience before he was rescued and brought to the hospital on Saturday evening.

 "Landslides swept away my house, cowshed and fields. Now, I have no shelter to live nor my wife to support me in life and the daughters who could give me power," mourned Dhan Bahadur.

12 of the injured were resuced on Saturday by helicopters of the Nepali Army and Prabhu Air.

Similarly, Prakash KC, 16, of Kalleni, Dhawalagiri RM-6 went to rescue his mother Tajima and friend Sabin Pun when lanslides started early in the morning. His mother and friend had gone to neighbour Paradevi Pun's house for resting in night. When flood occurred at the rivulets near his house and landslides started to fall down from the Makhla steep slope, Prakash rushed to rescue his mom and friend, but unfortunately he got himself buried in mudslide before he reached his mom.  

"Maternal unlce (Prakash) came to wake up us at 1 am at night. We were planning to go to upper Kalleni eary in the morning," said Pardevi, who got injured while running away from landslide site, "Maternal unlce went to see the size of the stream as it was raining and call his mother and friend Sabin. The landslides buried him before our eyes and we also got injured while running away." (Translated from RSS Nepali news service)

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