Friday, 14 August, 2020

Escalation of coronavirus warrants additional alertness 


Kathmandu, July 5 :  Although the coronavirus case is increasing in the recent days, the general public seems unfazed.    
Nepal had witnessed the first case of coronavirus six months back. After two months of the youth with first case returned home after recovery, a woman was found infected with coronavirus. Similarly, the government imposed lockdown order since March 24 to contain the outbreak of the virus.    
Although it took long time to witness the sharp increase, the country is almost engulfed in the COVID-19 crise- it spread to all 77 districts. Despite this, the behaviour and mobility of the public are giving a sense that they are not afraid with the coronavirus at all.    
After three months of coronavirus case, the government on June 15 decided to relax the lockdown order, thereby easing the economic activities. The government also made aware the people to strictly adopt the safety measure.    
The unobstructed movement of the people has helped ease daily life on the one hand but the use of little safety measure is posing grave threat to their health on the other. In the Kathmandu Valley alone, number of the virus infected has reached 200.    
The Ministry of Health and Population has shared that the number of the people infected with coronavirus has reached 15,491 across the country and it is growing.    
Among the infected ones, 34 have lost lives so far and 6,415 returned home after recovery.    
The doctors have suggested additional alertness in the face of growing spread of coronavirus. "It is high time Nepalis adopted further alertness," said epidemiologist Dr Anup Bastola.    

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