Wednesday, 19 May, 2021

Diving into Karnali from bridge: two rescued, one still missing


By Chadani Acharya, Kailali, Apr. 11:  Two youths have been rescued while one has gone missing of the three youths who had dived into the Karnali Rier from the bridge over it Saturday morning.

According to the Area Police Office, Lokesh Pykurel, Birendra Sigh and Sanjay Khadka of Lamki Chuha Municipality-2, Chisapani, had jumped into the river on Saturday while they were visiting the bridge.

Lokesh Pykurel and Birendra Singh were rescued, however, Sanjay Khadka went missing.

According to the Chief of the Area Police Office, Dirgha Bogati, of the eight students of grade 10 from Bright Future Academy who had come to visit the bridge, five were taking photo at one side while the three jumped from the bridge.

The rafters and the people at the bank of the river who saw the boys jump into the river and two of them not coming out of it informed the police for rescue.

Birendra Singh swam out of the river, without any help.

It is said that Singh informed the police that he had jumped to rescue his friends as he knew swimming. Police is assuming that the one who went missing plunged into the river due to suffocation while jumping from a height or being hit by river water on chest and head.

Lokesh was rescued after locals and people in rafting informed the police just in short time. However, Sanjay Khadka, was not seen.

Pykurel was sent to Nepalgunj for treatment after he was found bleeding in nose and mouth.