Friday, 6 August, 2021

Yoga And Ayurveda

We are currently living amid the threat posed by the coronavirus pandemic. The virus outbreak has been spreading for almost past six months and has gripped the world with all its viral speed. Amid deaths and illnesses, there is a silver lining in the black cloud - the inspiring instances of successfully fighting the infection and achieving recovery. To talk of Nepal, a total of 1,772 people who had been infected and fallen sick with the contagion have recovered and discharged from treatment centres. These examples not only prove health resilience and immunity stamina of the concerned people but also point to the fact that we can beat the virus with mental strength, physical fitness and sufficient intake of healthy diet. Intake of water, soup and fluid diet containing the ingredients of Ayurvedic herbal medicines is said to be working wonders.

The reason why this virus is limited to cause insignificantly low fatalities in our country may be that what we eat every day has healing power. Herbs and spices that are important ingredient of Ayurvedic medicines such as turmeric, ginger, black pepper, garlic and cumin seeds are included in our daily diets. The total virus infected cases in Nepal has crossed 9,000 as per the Ministry of Health and Population data made public on Sunday but very few of them have become sick. The rate of infected people developing sickness is said to be less than 2 per cent in Nepal. And many among them have fought a winning battle against the virus. In developed nations like the USA, people who recovered from critical virus illness have offered hope for the treatment of other people. Plasma drawn from the body of the recovered people, scientists say, can be injected in other patients. This helps to boost immunity and provide a cure. Though there is no ready cure for viral diseases, including COVID-19, good immunity can go a long way to achieve recovery. High mental spirit, adequately healthy diet and physical exercises play important role to boost immunity.

Apart from the strict adherence to the safety rules such as physical distancing, hand washing, sanitising and the use of masks and disinfectants, use of oriental herbal medicines and yoga are said to have a lot of beneficial effects. In his speech on Yoga Day, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stressed the usefulness of yoga to ensure mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing. Here, yogic practice may be useful and relevant when it comes to fighting COVID-19 by boosting the level of mental dexterity, physical prowess and spiritual awakening. People who recovered from coronavirus illness have recounted how their sound mental health and hope of cure helped them to fight the disease. Those who panic unnecessarily and lose hope may lose the fight against the disease. Courage, hope and cheerfulness help to keep the mental health robust. Healing power of mind is long appreciated as it has its role in bolstering immunity. The Prime Minister has rightly stressed the miraculous healing properties of Ayurvedic medicines that we have been using for ages and they may be effective to fend off viral ailments, too.