Thursday, 24 September, 2020

Stringent Law Against Acid Attacks In Offing

The government has stepped up much-needed measures to prevent and control the heinous crime of acid attacks. It has begun the process of formulating a law against such inhumane acts. A recent Cabinet meeting has entrusted the Nepal Law Commission with the responsibility of drafting a much tougher new Act within 15 days to deal with the crime. The proposed law will have provisions to bring the perpetrators to justice and conduct hearings on such cases at the earliest possible. In the absence of an effective rule, it has not been easier for the law enforcement agencies in the country to handle the crimes related to acid attacks in an efficient manner. With the new law, the government aims to address all the concerns of the victims of acid attacks. As the law will have clear provisions of fine, imprisonment and compensation, it may prove to be a major crusade against the brutal crime.
Nepal has recorded a surge in the number of acid attacks over the years. Most of the victims of such crimes are girls and women. The perpetrators have been found throwing sulphuric acid or nitric acid or similar other harmful chemicals onto the face or other body parts of potential victims. Naturally, the criminals have an intention of damaging others' physical structure of others. Sometimes the perpetrators are found to have been guided by the ill-intention of murdering others. The high concentrated acids as mentioned above could easily damage skins, eyes, ears and other parts of the body in no time, causing permanent damage to the victims' physique. This means that the victims are forced to bear unbearable pains and sufferings. Such attacks may also have tremendous psychological impact on them as the acids disfigure their faces and other organs.
According to a news report published by this daily the other day, the government has also decided to mark the 25th Bhadra as the Day Against Acid Attack. Burn Hospital at Kirtipur and Patan Hospital as dedicated hospitals for the treatment of the victims of acid attacks have made necessary arrangements for the treatments of the victims free of cost and supply of medicines that they need throughout their life. They will also get a free higher education and skill development. The government will make sure that they get job opportunities as per the priority list and qualifications.
The victims can also obtain concessional loans once they want to start any business. It is necessary to create massive public awareness of the importance of pouring clean drinking water as an immediate first-aid on the burnt body parts of the victims of acid attack while taking them to nearby hospital. The government has taken such a vital decision considering the plight of the acid victims. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was with 12 acid victims at a function organised recently in the capital. He was quite empathetic towards them after listening to their various problems. Anyway, the government's fresh initiative to control the serious crime of acid attacks and do something for the welfare of such victims is highly commendable. If the decision is implemented honestly, this will be a milestone in giving a new lease of life to the victims.


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