Friday, 22 January, 2021

Shun The Rumours

With near two-thirds majority in the federal parliament, Nepal Communist Party (NCP) is leading the government considered strongest in decades. The NCP had pulled off a resounding victory in three-tier elections held in 2017. The historic elections were conducted in line with the new constitution that converted Nepal into a federal republic. The Himalayan nation witnessed seismic political changes on the back of April Uprising in 2006. It became federal from unitary, secular from Hindu state and republic from monarchical. The new constitution drafted by elected Constituent Assembly (CA) in 2015 has well documented these landmark gains. Behind this super structural transformation lay the perennial aspirations of Nepalis to have enduring peace, stability, prosperity and happiness. The people had handed a thumping victory to the NCP owing to its promise to deliver stability and prosperity. One vital factor that attracted the voters to NCP’s poll symbol was its nationalistic stance. In his first tenure as Prime Minister, KP Sharma Oli had stood up to the unofficial Indian embargo on Nepal.

Upon assuming office for the second time, PM Oli had promised to deepen stability and ensure prosperity to the citizens. He crafted a fitting motto – Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali -, which reflects the vision and spirit of the country in the aftermath of its drastic restructuring. In the first year in office, the government formulated key legislations required to carry out desired political, administrative and economic changes. The period was termed as the base year, meaning it laid the legal foundation. The government dubbed its second year in office as the year of commencement. The government pushed national pride projects and other infrastructure works to shape the national economy. It made gains on several fronts.

Prior to the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, the government was on course to achieve its stated goals, which can be corroborated by the improved indicators in economic growth, flow of investment, export trade, good governance, doing business and investment climate, among others. In addition to sudden pandemic, the intra-party squabble cropped up to upset the government’s bid to effectively deliver development, goods and services to the people. Amidst the heightened internal struggle, the PM has faced unpredictable leadership challenges from his senior colleagues from within the party, a development that threatens to disrupt the rhythm of government. Now the rumour mill has gone into overdrive, churning out fake and baseless news that the Oli government is going to be replaced.

The other day PM Oli refuted such misleading information and reiterated that the current government would not change under any circumstances. Addressing a function at Ghunsa of Taplejung district in far-east Nepal, the PM said that those who wanted to push the country towards instability were spreading the illusion of change of government. “The government is moving ahead keeping strong spirit for the development and progress despite spreading baseless allegations and illusions,” Oli said as mentioned in a news report of this daily. Oli said he was ready to face any conspiracy against him and the government from within the party. It is unfortunate that some top stalwarts within the ruling party are putting a spoke in the government’s wheel at a time when they should have extended support to it whole-heartedly, enabling it to overcome the economic fallout of pandemic and take the nation on the robust path of prosperity and happiness. 

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