Friday, 7 May, 2021

Securing Prosperity And Social Justice

An egalitarian nation envisages equal economic opportunities, prosperity and social justice to all its members. The people belonging to all classes should have the power to exercise equal rights and access to opportunities ensuring their betterment. Empowering people with economic prosperity and ensuring them the rights of social and cultural dimensions enables them to live happily within their communities. This is a hallmark of an equal and just society. While allowing access to equal rights to its people, a society must be aware that the members of the marginalised, backward and poor classes should not be left behind. These classes are the ones that require the special focus of the state for their all-out progress and prosperity.

Since these people dominate the society with their numbers, a nation will do well if it aspires to equip them with equal rights and opportunities besides providing them with special state benefits and concessions. Addressing the nation on the May Day 2021 the other day, Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli stated that ensuring citizens prosperity and social justice was the national aspiration at present. To achieve this goal, the government has redefined the concept of 'life-long employment' by the principle of 'social security for all workers regardless of their nature of works.’ A fair balance between labour flexibility and social security has also been ensured. The disparity between legal and informal sectors has also been ended.

In the meantime, the number of recipients of eight different types of social security allowance has gone up to 3.6 million from 500,000. The monthly social security allowance for senior citizens has reached Rs. 100 per day from Rs. 100 per month. Free health insurance of up to Rs 100,000 for senior citizens has also been set up. The government has also ensured that no Nepali remains hungry while the aerial rescue of pregnant and lactating mothers in remote areas has been in operation. The government achieved all these even when it has confronted challenges posed by the outbreak of coronavirus pandemic and by the chaotic political situation in the country. The outbreak of pandemic that forced the nation to observe a prolonged lockdown coupled with political troubles could not shake the determination of the government in achieving its national goals of ' Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali'.

The second wave of the deadly pandemic has forced the government to impose a conditional injunction. It is aware of the sufferings of the Nepali working classes. If the government did not have to deal with pandemic and political troubles, the nation could have made a long stride in ensuring prosperity and social justice to its people, especially to all working classes. The government has indeed carried out different development programmes ever since it came to the helm, which would be a step towards ensuring the progress of all Nepalis. Despite the ongoing troubles creates by the pandemic and political troubles, the government has vowed to achieve the goal of creating a fair, equal and just society by addressing the needs and concerns of all of its citizens.