Thursday, 25 February, 2021

Polls Only Way Out

Ever since the House of Representatives (HoR) was dissolved, the people, civil society and the political parties are divided whether the move to dissolve the House was the right one. Following the House dissolution, the political situation in the country can only be termed as chaotic. The rival factions of the ruling party are currently engaged in the political showdown by organising a series of big rallies and mass meetings across the country in their bid to exhibit political prowess. The ruling party leaders are employing all tactics to berate and expose their former party colleagues, giving rise to a messy political situation.

In the meantime, a hearing on the House dissolution is going at the apex court. It appears that the ruling party leaders, who have not been able to split the party owing to some issues with the Election Commission, have done their best to attract more party workers and leaders in their fold. They are also heard saying that the court would ultimately issue its verdict on the House dissolution in their favour. The aforementioned incidents suggest that the situation in the country at present is uncertain and full of controversy. No matter which side the court verdict would go, the situation would still be uncertain once the court delivers its verdict on the most pressing topic of the time.

To give out an exit from such a chaotic political situation, general elections appear to be the only viable solution. Because the elections would elect a new House of Representatives which will provide an opportunity to form a new government and thus will help bring the controversy-mired present-day politics back on the track. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli, while addressing a mass meeting in front of the Narayanhiti Palace Museum the other day, echoed this idea. He stated, loud and clear, that everything would be decided through polls, scheduled for April and May this year. The country, according to him, has already headed towards elections. His announcement of declaring fresh elections was aimed at political stability, safeguarding national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity, democratic republic and prosperity of the country. Only elections can end all kinds of confusion gripping the nation.

The House dissolution and declaration of polls came after the Prime Minister found it impossible to negotiate party matters with party rivals who are out to unseat him at any cost. The PM alleged that his opponents within the party were to register a no-confidence motion against him in the HoR. Despite winning a comfortable majority in the elections and being elected PM, he could not function well because of party rivalry. When the situation for him became too difficult to handle, he had no option but to dissolve the House and call for fresh elections to end all kinds of manipulations going against his government. His move to seek fresh elections appears to be precise, for it will give the nation an all-needed positive exit from the present chaos and confusion that have marred our politics. However, the PM's rivals seem to have forgotten a key fact: in a democracy, major political issues are sorted out through the people's mandate which can be received by going to the general elections. 

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