Friday, 5 March, 2021

Nepal-US Relations

US President Joe Biden a few days ago began his presidential role and set his administration's priorities to give a boost to his country’s international reputation. The repute and dignity of the world’s sole superpower took a hit during the period of the previous administration led by President Donald Trump, who is accused of derailing the US relationship with many friendly countries. The Biden administration has minced no word in telling the world that it wants to reignite the US cooperation with its partner countries across the globe to fight the challenges the world is presently facing at several fronts. 

Soon after the new Biden administration took to helm, it started tackling the COVID-19 challenges at home. The administration, however, expressed willingness to extend assistance to many nations in their fight against the deadly virus disease. As a part of collaboration to the world for fighting the pandemic, the US is set to revive its World Health Organisation membership. The US is a major donor of the world health body. Similarly, the global economic and technology superpower, under the Biden administration, will soon re-join the Paris Climate Accord and would mobilise diplomatic channels to raise climate targets of many partner countries. Besides, the new US government will focus on global human rights, especially prioritising the uplifting the women's and girls' condition at home and around the world.

The US has expressed its willingness to work jointly with Nepal in the aforementioned areas. US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Berry called on Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli the other day to assert his country's desire to promote the cordial bilateral relations with Nepal as vibrant and result-oriented one. According to the US envoy, the USA has a desire to work with the Himalayan nation in fighting the coronavirus pandemic and climate impact since the disease has affected the tiny nation adversely as has endured ill effects of climate change. The US Embassy in Kathmandu has a desire to make Nepal's Sagarmatha Dialogue a success. As part of bolstering relationship with Nepal, the ambassador would continue to hold high-level meetings with Nepal government, leaders of political parties and bureaucrats and discuss the US preferences with them. 

The meeting with the PM, which concurred with the assumption of the office by the new US President, suggests that the US has kept the tiny Himalayan nation on its priority list of partnership and collaboration. As a peace-loving nation, Nepal has always expressed its good wishes for the US's progress and well-being of the American people. The US has reciprocated this gesture of Nepal by extending financial, military and other support in time of need. At present, both countries are engaged in signing the US-owned Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) pact. Though the deal, which offers billions of dollars of assistance to Nepal under different programmes, has been mired in controversies of late, many in Nepal expect that both nations would conclude the MCC so that both sides would find themselves at a win-win position. Having said this, one should not forget that the Nepal-US relation is marked by years of cordiality and respect for each other. The Biden administration, with its new preferences and priorities, is expected to reinvigorate the Nepal-US relation by adding new dimension to it. 

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