Friday, 3 December, 2021

Importance Of Yoga, Ayurveda

The benefits associated with yoga are many. For several people, it is a treatment of bodily ailments without using medicines. Because of its harmlessness, yoga has become popular around the world and many follow it routinely, which also shows its significance for a person. A famous discipline in India, Nepal and many other South Asian nations, yoga and Aryuvedic medicines have become famous, thanks to those who have burned the midnight oil to take this discipline to the common masses in recent times.

The significance and benefits of yoga have even spurred Prime Minister Sher Bahadur Deuba and many other political leaders to sing paeans about it. The other day, PM Deuba said that yoga and meditation are excellent ways to remain healthy, which has even encouraged the whole world to embrace yoga. While one practises yoga, s/he is bound to be impressed by Aryuvedic medicines, known for lacking any side effects on the human body. The PM, while addressing a programme, praised Swami Ram Dev, known for popularising yoga worldwide, and Aryuveda Shiromani Acharya Balkrishna for their contributions. In the meantime, CPN- Maoist Centre chair Pushpa Kamal Dahal Pracanda lauded them for introducing 'revolutionary' methods of treating ailments and teaching society a healthy way of life employing meditation and yoga. They also promoted Aryuveda as an industry.

Leader Madhav Nepal also highlighted the need for making a synthesis between Ayurveda medicines and naturopathy to realise a big achievement in the health sector. In the meantime, the Indian Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari stated that institutions like Patanjali, established by Baba Ram Dev and Acharya Balkrishna, a Nepali by birth, has done wonders in the field of herbal medicine promotion and generating positive thinking among people. Nepal is a popular place for Patanjali Yogapeeth and the production of herbs that Patanjali avails of.

Patanjali has invested in herb production in Nepal and has made plans to open an Ayurveda hospital and other centres, which will carry out health services in the future for the needy Nepali people. The Prime Minister has opined that the government would provide land for the construction of the hospital. Swami Ram Dev, Acharya Balkrishna and Patanjali have been conducting many programmes in Nepal, which show that the Haridwar-based institution and their owners lay special emphasis on the well-being of Nepali citizens while making investments in the production of high-quality medicinal herbs. Many branches of Patanjali Yogapeeth have opened here which run Yoga programmes every day.

In short, the climate and Himalayan highlands of Nepal produce herbs having high properties. Swami Ram Dev and Acharya Balkrishna know this fact better. Patanjali has made a considerable investment in the production of herbs in Nepal. Another truth is - the Nepali herbs, in the absence of technology and processing units, are either exported for peanuts or are left where they grow to decay. If our country can take benefit from its herbs through Swami's ventures, there is no harm in taking them. However, our authorities should ensure that we will not be at the receiving end when we allow Patanjali to take advantage of our products. Both sides, Patanjali and Nepali producers of herbs, must have a win-win situation.