Sunday, 17 January, 2021

Future Of Nation

As the threat of the coronavirus pandemic is yet to ebb, the government has continued with some restrictions to protect the masses from the dreaded virus. The government has not allowed the resumption schools and colleges intending to protect the young students from the virus and stop the spread of the virus disease. Protection of the children from any kind of diseases is a vital step to help them. The children are the future of the nation, grow to their full potential, both physically and intellectually. Also true is the fact that the young students should always aspire to be diligent and remain focused on their study, mental growth and physical activities. To become responsible citizens in the future, they should not be indifferent to the future of the country. It is prudent for them to be happy with other's progress and they speak kindly to all and should move forward with good deeds.

Like many countries, our government has not allowed the operation of the education institutions just to protect the youngsters from the dreadful impact of the pandemic, which, if allowed to inflict the people, may cripple the health of the youngsters for a long period. Protecting the health of the children and other people is the government's priority. While replying queries of the Scout children, who were attending the Nepal Scout-organised, 'The Prime Minister with Children' programme, the PM spelt out the government's priority regarding the children. He termed the children as an apple of his eyes and the heartbeat of the nation, who are the future captain of the nation. The virtual classes held across the nation at present to provide essential academic lessons to the students are the part of Digital Nepal, which the government has envisaged lately. The concept of virtual classes too is aimed at protecting children from getting infected with the disease.

Apart from protecting children from untoward happenings, the government has other priorities such as ending the threat of the pandemic in the nation by procuring vaccines as early possible, for which the government is very effortful. The PM advised young students to keep themselves away from all forms of crime. Touching upon the present state of politics, he assured everyone that he would fight against the dirty politics for which the party activities frequently indulge in personal gains and thus bring instability in the nation. The nation at present has lacked political consensus because opponents have opposed the PM and the government without understanding as many have protested only for the sake of protest.

Even as the unthinkable latest turn of events has brought disrepute to the country's politics, the PM has remarkably vowed to turn into practice the government's slogan of ‘Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali.’ Peace and security will be guaranteed to promote a happy and fearless society. The government has been effortful in achieving the goals of development, progress and happiness. Sadly, the politics and ongoing strife among his party men have threatened to derail the government's agenda. It is however reassuring to see the PM avowing to all goals, for which the citizens, including the children, should extend support to his government at this testing time. 

How do you feel after reading this news?