Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Five face murder charge for beating alleged thief to death

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By Nayak Paudel
Kathmandu, Apr. 8: It was at around 11:30 pm on April 3 when the Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur’s control room received a phone call. It was from Barkhepati area in Ward 2 of Changunarayan Municipality.
The locals had nabbed a thief and had called the police to inform about the incident. Replying to the call, the control room requested the caller to not take any violent action against the thief as the police were on their way.
A team led by Sub-inspector (SI) Bir Bahadur Bhandari from the Metropolitan Police Sector, Byasi, reached the scene. However, when they arrived they found the thief in unconscious state bleeding from nose.
The unconscious individual was then rushed to Bhaktapur Hospital but died at around 2:30 am on April 4 during treatment.
According to the doctors, the individual died because of blood clot in his head.
Upon investigation, police identified the deceased as Ram Krishna Gurung, a man from Kavrepalanchowk, and arrested five individuals involved in the beating which led to Gurung’s death.
On the night of April 3, Gurung was seen by a local, 32-year-old Nabin Koju, while Gurung was stealing a water pump motor from a small pond. Koju informed 37-year-old Binod Lakha, the owner of the pond, at the earliest who then nabbed Gurung with the help of other locals.
However, the locals started beating him up before calling the control room and informing about the incident. When the police reached the scene, Gurung had already lost his consciousness. He was drunk.
After Gurung died during the treatment, Bhaktapur Police arrested Koju, Lakha and three others – 50-year-old Tek Bahadur KC, 38-year-old Kamal Khatri and 34-year-old Sanis Kumar Ray.
“The prevailing laws clearly state that no one can take lives of others. The individuals might not have intentionally tried to kill Gurung but their actions led to the tragedy. They shouldn’t have taken law in their hands,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Dipak Giri, spokesperson at the Metropolitan Police Range, Bhaktapur.
The Section 177 of the Criminal Code states that no person shall intentionally kill, or do, or cause to be done, any act causing the death of another person.
According to the police, public nabbing a criminal is a great help for the law enforcement agency but if the public turn violent against the criminal, as in the case of Gurung, the public will have to face criminal charges instead.
DSP Giri informed that they have kept KC, Koju and Lakha in custody for further investigation while Khatri and Ray have been released.
“KC, Koju and Lakha were found to be directly involved in the beating during our investigation due to which we have allowed other two to go home for now. The duo is still under our observation and investigation just like the three others in our custody,” DSP Giri added.
Nevertheless, police have requested the public to not take violent steps against a suspect, if they nabbed one. People are appealed to inform the police through their helpline number ‘100’ and await for their arrival to detain the criminal under legal procedures.