Thursday, 4 March, 2021

Easing Of Restrictions

The decision to ease the stiff prohibitory orders in the Kathmandu Valley must have brought some cheers among all business operatives whose livelihoods and means of sustenance had been hit severely due to the prolonged lockdown and strict prohibitory orders. The latest decision has allowed people to resume their business and works and thus earn their livelihoods. This is indeed an important decision that will protect many from giving up their professions and jobs. The lengthy lockdown and weeks of prohibitory orders, put in place in the wake of rapid COVID-19 spread in the capital valley, has battered people's means of livelihoods severely. Many business operators such as footpath vendors and grocers, daily wage earners, labourers, passenger vehicle operators, workers and employees at different firms and stores have been left without enough income to sustain their families. This grim situation has without doubt forced the local authorities to ponder to loosen the stiff prohibitory orders, which they did the other day.
As per the new orders issued jointly by the three district administration offices of the Kathmandu Valley, now onwards the shops and departmental stores, electronics, garment, shoes, cosmetic and malls in the valley can be operated from certain days and time of a week. Likewise, private vehicles are allowed to ply based on an odd-even system. Passenger vehicles with up to 16 seats are permitted to ply all days of the week while such vehicles having more than 16 seats can now run as per the odd-even system. Footpath vendors and vendors with cartwheels too have been allowed to operate their businesses during certain hours of the day. Offices and banking services too will remain open during certain period in all working days. Restaurants can operate by only offering takeaway service while food delivery services can operate after mid-day to evening throughout a week. However, given the deadly nature of the contagion, cinema halls, school and colleges will remain closed and activities with large gatherings of people have been prohibited. In the meantime, the authorities have asked one and all to adhere to safety norms properly following the loosening of the prohibitory orders.
The spread of coronavirus has hit hard the livelihoods of millions of people across the globe and Nepal is one of the countries where the virus has spread its tentacles in all walks of life. Unfortunately, the virus has posed a severe threat to people's life, forcing the authorities to impose lengthy lockdowns to break the virus chain and control its spread. However, the lockdown and stiff prohibitory orders have dismayingly proved a bane for the livelihoods of people. The severity of prohibitory orders felt all the more at present because the major festivals such as Dashain, Tihar and Chhath are drawing near. People are now in a dire need of making some earnings from their businesses and professions so that they would not only be able to feed themselves and families but also would have some savings to celebrate the festivals. The Kathmandu Valley's district authorities appear to have realised this fact and taken the decision accordingly. The easing of strict prohibitory orders is expected to facilitate the people engaged in various business and professions in earnings their vital livelihoods at this this difficult period. 

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