Saturday, 6 March, 2021

Democracy Brings Prosperity

Ever since Nepal ushered in an era of democracy and freedom in 1951, our society marched towards the path of modernisation and economic development. People started tasting the fruit of freedom. Democracy also guaranteed competitive politics that paved the way for development projects in the country. Barring some incidents in the past wherein the former monarchs trampled over the people's freedom of electing representatives and governments, the country and the people have been blessed with a free society where they can live with all freedom guaranteed by our democratic constitutions. Democracy that ensures all kinds of civil liberties has proved pivotal in bringing the government and people for achieving the goals of development, prosperity and happiness.

Although democracy guarantees freedom to all and sundry, some elements attempt to abuse it to unleash different forms of anomalies in the society such as violence, terror and instability owing largely to their stakes. Such activities from the responsible people, groups and parties often defile the very ideology of democracy. However, democracy does provide larger avenues for resolving dissidence through meaningful dialogues and negotiations, which is indeed a thing of beauty attached to the values and norms of democracy. Faith in a peaceful democratic system and spirit of democracy while performing responsibilities and duty is the way forward to achieve the national goal of development and prosperity.

Addressing a Democracy Day function at the Army Pavilion the other day, the Prime Minister urged all dissidents to join dialogues, as peaceful politics is the only way forward. The PM vowed that his government would not deviate from the path of democracy, will not allow the constitution to be violated, and will not allow it to go against the people's will. He also informed extraordinary achievements had been made towards attaining prosperity and bolstering the values and norms of democracy. Similarly, the government had moved ahead with the campaign of achieving the sustainable development goal by 2030. The federal republic system, gained through the people's movement, will continue to thrive and significant strides have been made to attain the goal of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepali, he said and added, the nation is heading towards an election that would be held in an unhindered manner.

A nation can attain overall development and prosperity if the government and people work together for the larger interest of the people. If the sovereign people, having revelled in the constitutionally guaranteed freedom, show faith then no governments can shy away from working for the benefits of the country and the people. On the other hand, democracy in any nation will thrive and achieve more vibrancy if the people prosper and are happy with their authorities that work relentlessly for them. No country can fail if its people are happy and free to enjoy their democratic rights and have faith in the government. Fagun 7 of Nepali calendar carries big importance as the day heralds a new age of political and economic independence. PM Oli has reiterated commitment to democracy and the upcoming elections are expected to further consolidate the federal republic. 

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