Tuesday, 28 September, 2021

Concern On Homicides

The birth of modern human from animals is perhaps the biggest biological evolution as this heralded human civilisation on the Earth. Humans became different from other creatures by virtue of their sharp brain, discerning consciousness and emotional intelligence. Over the millennia, they developed inherent qualities – rationality, wisdom, morality, compassion, love, cooperation and solidarity, which are essential to foster collective existence, peace and prosperity. Although the long civilisational journey has made them more cultured and humane, they have not yet totally defeated their primitive state of nature – savagery and barbarism. This is a reason why the philosophers state that good and evil elements continue to drive human beings so they must try to conquer the evil elements residing somewhere inside them.

Despite all learning, experiences and knowledge, they fall prey to their detrimental emotions – anger, vengeance, hatred, violence and jealousy. These psychological factors sometimes turn their blissful life into hell. In the absence of self-control, moderation and tolerance, many turn themselves into rapists, criminals and murderers. Last Monday, Nepalis were shocked to learn that six members of a family were hacked to death at Madi Municipality-1 in Sankhuwasabha in east Nepal. Five days later, police arrested the alleged murderer, who happens to be a relative of the deceased. In their preliminary assessment, police have concluded that ‘extreme hatred’ led the killer to snatch six innocent lives. This is indeed one of the cruellest homicide cases. But the sad part is that such heinous crimes are increasing annually, posing a question to rational faculty of people and social values.

According to a news report carried by this daily, the cases of murder in Nepal have increased fourfold in the last five years. At least 38 persons are murdered in a month and two in a day, it said. Around 110 cases of felony are committed every day. In the last five years, 2,294 people were killed. On average, 42,232 criminal cases happen in the country annually, with murders accounting for 1.08 per cent of them. Murder is such a heinous crime that it hardly stays off the radar. The police investigations have shown that over 50 per cent of murder crimes are done by relatives. The soaring murder cases debunk the myth that people have become more kind-hearted, wise, modern, compassionate and tolerant to years. In a fit of fury, they can turn brutal and kill countless innocent beings in no time. Sociologists, psychologists and police investigators scratch their heads as to what factors impel the people to commit such a crime.

Generally, social environment, family relationships, financial problems, unimagined charges, slander, domination, and person’s abnormal psychological state and behaviours force them to commit heinous crime. One sociologist has argued that sexual-psychiatric problem is the main reason behind the incidents of murder. It is not only the perpetrator but his/her relatives have also indirect role in happening of murder. It has become urgent to pursue preventive measures to minimise homicide incidents. First and foremost, there should be awakening to control anger and manage the stressful pattern of the society. Social and psychological counselling should spread awareness and education so that the personal vendetta and anger do not lead to killing of another person. Forgiveness is the antidote to revenge. By propagating the normative and moral values of life about non-violence, we can minimise the cases of such crime.