Saturday, 27 February, 2021

An App For Public

With the launch of the Nagarik App or citizen's app, the government has offered an opportunity to citizens to avail its services from a single online platform. The people can revel in the luxury of staying at a place to get the services provided by the government agencies, departments and ministries. Once the app comes to its complete implementation, all forms of government services will be conveniently accessible in a hassle-free manner. The app will not merely help residents get quick delivery of public services, but also discourage delays and corruption of all forms.

A part of the government's Digital Framework Nepal project, the online-based public service app will incorporate all of its services provided through different offices and departments in due course. Launched after the three-years of preparation, the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology will make it more organised, complete and secure in a few months. According to the Minister for Communication and Information Technology, people can download the app that initially provides the services of nine government offices. In the next three months, it will come to its full operation, providing services of over 64 sectors, including the procedure to gain licenses, land ownership related services, Public Service Commission-related services, passports and other tax-related works. 

The app precisely comes with a slogan - no need to stay in long queues, avail services 24 hours online and is a part of the government’s Digital Framework Nepal project ensures quick hassle-free service to the service seekers and would help realise good governance and would a step towards achieving the government's goal of Prosperous Nepal, Happy Nepalis. The app, according to the Prime Minister, would act as a measuring rod in the sector of good governance transparency, accountability and delivery of instant public services. The government has always wished to provide fast services by connecting all its offices and departments by utilising information technology. The launch and operation of this app have brought our nation on a par with many countries where people have enjoyed online delivery of public services. Nepal, like many other nations, needs to move with the pace of the modern-day world by implementing the internet-based and artificial intelligence-driven technology. Our authority should take a step towards this direction by implementing the new app. 

The historic app has generated new excitement among the people and the authority. However, the ministry should remain wary about the requirements of changing time and desires of the population. It may need to upgrade the app constantly because technology keeps changing in the present-day world. It should not allow the app to go out of the public reckoning. The app therefore needs to function vibrantly, giving no trouble to the people while accessing public services. Given the government's aim of providing services of all offices through a single platform, the operation of this app will require a tremendous effort. The authority thus requires setting up a separate department or system to run and to look after smooth function of the historic app. The steady function of the public service delivery app would go miles in serving high accolades to our authority.  

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