Saturday, 31 October, 2020

Abide By Constitution In Letter And Spirit

The other day the country observed the 6th anniversary of the constitution. Apparently, it was a low-profile commemoration owing to the coronavirus pandemic that has thrown normal life out of gear. Even if the prohibitory orders, imposed to contain the virus spread, were lifted, its threat to human life continues, with the rising number of infections. This has forced the government and concerned authorities to limit the celebratory functions. Some formal programmes and decisions constitute the parts of Constitution Day that is also marked as the National Day. Nonetheless, the Constitution Day’s functions constitute a small fraction in highlighting message and spirit of national charter. It is a document of holistic vision that should guide the political leadership round the year. The charter reflects the gist of all past political upheavals which the people launched to achieve freedom, equality and happiness. It epitomises people’s sacrifices, democratic imagination and political idealism. It inspires the people to speak for justice and fight against all odds and anomalies which come in the way of meeting their modest needs and aspirations. Therefore, the constitution is an organic dossier of paramount importance for the citizens.

The successful promulgation of constitution signifies the end of a phase of political turmoil and instability. The people participate in the political struggle for securing fundamental human rights, civil liberties, press freedom, social justice and social security, among others. Then it is followed by another stage of building corresponding political structures and economic revolution. In her message delivered on the occasion, President Bidya Devi Bhandari has rightly underscored the need for taking the nation on the path of economic prosperity with social justice. She noted that the country has finished the phase of struggle meant for political rights and now all should work sincerely to translate the spirit of constitution into practice. It is imperative to implement the provisions of constitution to make sure that the people are not thrust into another round of political battle and endless sacrifices for the same cause time and again.

The constitution is the main law of land and every citizen should know its nitty-gritty. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli has stressed the need to educate citizens about the constitution in order to make them aware of their rights and duties enshrined in it. No doubt, a proper knowledge and interpretation of constitution helps understand and resolve many societal problems. Only politically conscious citizens contribute to realising the lofty goals of constitution. Active citizenship serves as the democratic antidote to the political malfeasance, fiscal abuse and moral turpitude. Constitution is a dynamic document, which is amended to address emerging challenges and dynamisms. A rational proposition is a must to revise the Articles and Clauses of constitution. In this regard, PM Oli has offered his candid comment at a function organised in the capital on Friday. He said that if the constitution shows a sign of imperfection in course of its implementation, it could be amended but he warned against any misleading counsel pertaining to amendment by others. Effective implementation of constitution ensures the citizens’ security, national independence, prosperity and enduring stability. Nepal’s constitution is not static but flexible enough to accommodate people’s rising concerns and discontents to put the nation on the robust path of democratic order, inclusive growth and resilience. 

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