Monday, 17 January, 2022

‘Women Violence - From Womb to Tomb’ on display


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Dec. 4: According to Hinduism, women are worshiped as goddesses but in reality it is now otherwise.
Women are discriminated against before their birth. This discrimination begins widening after their birth. Supriya Pandey has come out strongly against such discrimination through her work of art. Pandey’s paintings titled Women Violence, From Womb to Tomb are currently on display at the Nepal Arts Council, Babar Mahal.

There are many examples in the society of the crime of killing a woman from the fetus just because she is a daughter. The chain of violence that started from the fetus continues till death. A 16- year-old Pandey portrayed various aspects of women violence from her paintings.
Similarly, from the story of the acid attacks, the story of a woman who is living at home, despite her ability, are shown in her paintings. The paintings carry the compassionate story of a woman who burns her soul and confines herself in the four walls of the house.

“Artistes Pandey said, “I have shown the conditions in which violence against women takes place from the womb to the death bed. Even though the issue of equality has started arising in the society, the idea that women are still one level behind is still there and it is my small effort to change the thinking through art, said artiste Pandey at the exhibition inauguration event.
Pandey has painted 30 paintings over the two years of hard work. In the inaugural programme, KK Karmacharya, Chancellor of Lalitkala Pragya Pratisthan, Dr. Rabindra Sameer, author Shree Om Rodan and Dr. Nigam Poudel praised her paintings.

Artist and journalist Devendra Thumkeli said that even at the young age of 16, Pandey had the courage to use mature thinking and bold colours.
According to the organiser, the money collected from the exhibition will be spent in the education and art training for the children of Karnali. The art exhibition will last on Saturday.