Sunday, 17 January, 2021

Will Rajesh, Karishma share silver screen again?


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, Nov. 20 :Superstar Rajesh Hamal and successful actress Karishma Manandhar have worked together for several films.
These two actors dominated the film industry for over a decade in the 90s and later with several hits.
They were the most liked couple that audience would like to see in the silver screen again and again.
There was a time when all producers had a strong belief that their film would be a hit only if they managed to take Rajesh and Karishma in their films.
They starred dozens films like Basanti, Dhukdhuki, Ek Number Ko Pakhe, Jindagani, Allare, Pardeshi Kanchha and others.
During the reign of these two charismatic actors, Nepali film industry witnessed a rapid growth both in terms of investment and production.
They worked together in more than three dozen films. The last time they were seen together in Kian Kina.
With the failure of home production Babu Sahib, actress Karishma flew to the USA to make up the loss, and thereafter these two actors have not shared the silver screen.
Currently, both of them are appearing separately in television screen. Actor Hamal has been hosting a talk show, Jaatka Prasna while Manandhar has been guest of the Mundreko Comedy Club.
Still, many filmgoers want to see this most popular couple on the silver screen.
Now Rajesh and Karishma have been working in the music video. They are paired in the music videos like Timi Mero Pran, Ujad Mero, Chatta Basam Deurali Ma.
The new song Yaad Ka Lahara Haru starring these two has been made public on YouTube only a few days ago. The viewers have liked this couple very much in the music video.
After watching the music video, many audiences have expressed their desire to see the couple together in silver screen again.
Hamal has been saying that he will make a film under his own direction.
Will he take Karishma in his film? It will be interesting to see both of them doing a movie again.

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