Sunday, 9 August, 2020

Virtual concerts for fund raising


By Mannu Shahi

Music For COVID-19 Relief is a month long Facebook live show featuring musical performances from different Nepali artists every Friday and Saturday organized by Music Cafe Nepal and supported by Jhilkey And The Company and Beers N’ Cheers.
The major aim of these shows is to promote different organizations working on providing COVID Relief by helping them raise the necessary funds to meet their supply needs. Keeping in mind that artists are equally affected by this crisis, the organizers plan on establishing a contribute-and-view based month long pool fund that will help the performing artists by at least covering for their charges, as like if not similar,to a regular gig payment. Some of the firms associated with this event are Feed The Hungry Nepal, Global Shapers Kathmandu Hub and Sano Paila (A Little Step).
The series initiated on 17th July 2020 featuring up and coming pop singer RachanaDahal who initiated her musical journey about a year ago, with the song “Bhumari” followed by “Soch” and “Sapanako Raja” soon after.
Not having decided a definite date to release her debut album,the singer is gearing up to release her fourth single “Dagbati” and giving the album space than rushing ahead and spoiling things. This was tailed by Rockgene’s performance on 18th July,with special highlights on their vocalist Susmiwho joined this dynamic group on October 2017 on vocal duties.
They’ve launched their first single “Balatkaar” with an official video and another track “Junibharilai” both from their debut album which is in process of airing soon. They are a Rock n’ Roll group hailing from Butwal and have performed in prestigious concerts throughout the country.
On 24th July the series featured yet another young and talented aspiring musician Ankita Pun, just 18-years-old, she is a Youtuber who started out by doing covers and later shifted her focus to her original material. She has released a variety of her compositions and has received an overwhelming feedback from her audiences. Also based in Butwal, her Youtube channel goes by the name Ankita Lyn and her songwriting abilities shines through her work vividly. Follow up to this was the performance by amazing guitarist, musician, teacher and reviewer Hari Kunwar aka Hari Dai/Stage Rocker on 25th July.
Initially a keyboard player, he later shifted to the world of guitar around the age of 12. For him, learning to play a new instrument was more than just learning music, it was about adapting a new lifestyle that would enable him to practice his craft up to 8 hours a day. He is also quite fascinated with the science and functioning of a guitar and believes anyone can achieve anything through rigorous practice and immense dedication.
And next week this chain of virtual concerts will be featuring the brains behind this entire project JhilkeyAnd The Company on 31st July 2020. A pop-punk quartet based in Kathmandu, they started their journey a year ago and have released their debut EP, ‘Jhilkey Fire’ which was well-received by their audiences. Their minimalistic musical texture, uncanny attitude and straight-forward lyrical approach has gained them a decent following and their live performances, hip social media influence and occasional television show performances has marked them amidst the artists on the look for fresh content.
The final act announced for the series this month is KtaHaru on 1st August 2020, another group of minimalistic and neutral bunch of guys having fun jamming with friends and publishing music. Formed on 2018 the band has gained a lot of appreciation for their couldn’t care much attitude, simplistic musicality and songs that talk about chilling out with friends, having fun, travelling, being broke and more. They burst into the scene with their Yomari Sessions videos and released their debut album ‘GalatNirnaya’ on October 2018.

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