Saturday, 27 February, 2021

The most famous Nepali youtube musicians and their recent releases


By Mannu Shahi
Kathmandu, Jan. 17: Sushant KC is an up and coming name in the Nepali music industry whose first musical debut was his 2016s’ most prominent soulful tune Aama. Four and a half years later with nearly two dozen singles under his belt, the singer’s popularity is only growing with each passing day as his most viewed track Maya Ma has reached 22 million views and his official channel engaging 611 thousand subscribers with only his original musical content. Not much artist can proudly acclaim this huge fan following by only releasing original music, as, many are seen luring in a fan base by turning towards already well-established song covers or creating other entertaining content and likewise.
This 25 years old singer/songwriter stands a shade apart as his songs deal with really personal experiences rather than an outward, surficial and more general story line in his songs as most artists his age deliver. And on 11th Jan 2021, the young pop star released yet another official video for his new track Fakauna Ma starring himself and Soni Shrestha as the models. Directed/ shot and edited by Abhiyan Thapa, produced by Hardik, the track was co-produced/ mixed by Lil Rock Look and mastered by Foeseal.
Similarly, another just as much celebrated personality of the industry Neetesh Jung Kunwar has also recently published an English tune in collaboration with the very talented rapper Uniq Poet. Kunwar, who was first apparent in Youtube with his original tune Guffai Ta Ho on 16th April 2016, gradually gained fame following his one-man-show covers, collaborations and self-composed tunes. Pinned as one of the most famous names of the music fraternity my personal favorite single from the artist is his collab with the phenomenal Diwas Gurung in his track 12 Barse Thito. Uniq Poet on the other hand was initially seen on the radical underground rap battle Rawbarz and since has well-established himself as a more serious writer and music creator with his flourishing solo career.
And their fresh release Rebirth is indeed a track to listen to if you haven’t already, as the production quality is top notch with the video, composition and lyrics just sounding remarkable throughout. The production credit for the track is given to Mr. Brownie, with Abin Bho on direction duties, Nayan Rai as DOP, color grading by Anjon Limbu and edited by Pema Ghising. Launched from a new channel titled NJK Vibe, this side of the pop star looks quite promising and more towards the experimental edge of musicality so definitely considered subscribing and following up for more. 

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