Sunday, 29 November, 2020

The Elements drops its awaited new single


By Mannu Shahi

The Elements is a pop trio very prominent in the current Nepali music scene with an overwhelming amount of followers craving for their music. Consisting of Ishan R. Onta on vocals and guitars, Dipesh Gurung on drums and Raunaq Singh Adhikari on guitars this group has continuously been producing non-stop hits one after the other. Their debut single Tesaile Hidey Ma was a sensation which was actually aired from the Arbitrary Original sessions, though they’ve not released an album yet, nonetheless, their television show appearances, lyrical video release, singles and bootlegs gather enough material for a full-length album without doubt.
Apart from being in this group, the members are all quite busy with their other musical endeavors as well. The vocalist Ishan also operates as a solo artist and is actively engaged playing in artsy festivals and gatherings, his solo live shows are also enthralling with his fondness towards guitar pedals and the one-man-show-act, revealing a different dimension of his musicality. He also recently released a collaboration titled Adrishya with experimental acoustic trio Trees under the Gharbar collaboration banner.
Dipesh, on the other hand, has been in the music scene longest amidst the three, as he has been involved with many punk/ metal outfits for nearly over a decade now, most notably Squirt Guns and Yuva Ekta. Apart from underground acts, he is also the drummer for Thamel’s most iconic cover group The Strings Nepal and both him and Raunaq the guitar player are also involved in this power-pack punk rock trio The Kathmandu Killers, led the pioneer underground punk hero Sareena Rai. Raunaq was also the guitar player for the project Drum and Roll, and the mutual friend who brought The Elements together.
Their new single Aparichit released on 18th October was a part of this experiment that the band held out almost a year ago, when the three lads travelled 50 kilometers uphill from Pokhara to a place called Kau Daada, where they lived together for a week and wrote 5-6 new tunes. The video demonstrates the beauty of the hill they composed this very piece in, they stayed in this inn called Orange Farm thriving amidst the hills, the sun, moon and trees and reviving their love for writing music together. The video credits for Aparichit are tagged to Breezendra Bhattarai, audio recorded at Anil Studios and mixing/mastering by Bikash Bhujel of the band Underside. So, do check out the recent release and support our local talents! 

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