Tuesday, 2 June, 2020

Search for missing former British envoy to Nepal intensifies 


London, May 19 : Search for Richard Morris, the former British ambassador to Nepal, has been intensified. Morris has gone missing for two weeks now. He went missing on May 6 while on a morning walk at a park near his home Bentley.    
Last week, the Hampshire Police Office had appealed to the general public to help in his search. It issued another appeal on Monday urging the people around Bentley to inform the police if they find any suspicious items in the bushes in the neighbourhood.    
Likewise, the police has urged people travelling via the area by car on May 6 to scrutinize the dashcam of their vehicles. Trained dogs and helicopter has also been used in the search for Morris. A separate police squad has intensified search in the jungle near his house.    
In a press release the spokesperson of the UK government's Foreign and Commonwealth Office said a veteran diplomat has gone missing, expressing the hope that he would be found safe and sound.    
Morris was UK's ambassador to Nepal from 2015 to 2019.    
Lack of taste and smell symptoms of COVID-19    
Meanwhile, the British Public Health Department has confirmed that not being able to know the smell and taste is also one of the symptoms of novel coronavirus infection. The National Health Service (NHS) on Monday officially confirmed this. NHS had not included these as symptoms of COVID-19 before this. Last month it was only presumed that lack of smell and taste could be linked to coronavirus infection.    

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