Friday, 7 May, 2021

Police begin probe into Bigyan Koirala’s ‘abduction and abuse case’

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By Siraj Khan, Nepalgunj, Apr. 12: The Banke District Police Office has begun investigating into the claims made by Bigyan Koirala, who claims that he was abducted at 10 and suffered sexual abuse for 24 years since.

Bigyan’s case has been circulating on social media where people have been demanding with law enforcement agency to investigate and take necessary action against the perpetrators.

According to the statements made by Bigyan, three individuals -- two women, one man -- had abducted him and put into a vehicle from an alley in Sanepa, Lalitpur, where he had come to buy some essentials, and taken to an unknown place. In the subsequent years, he was subjected to sexual abuse numerous times at the hands of the visitors who came to the place.

“The trio spoke in Nepali with me, but a different language among themselves,” Bigyan said.

“I had forgotten how the sun shines, how the sky, moon and stars look like. I had even forgotten how other people look like,” said Bigyan in his statement.

Then, some four years ago, for no apparent reason, Bigyan’s stomach was dissected.

“I don’t know why they dissected my stomach, but once they did that, I not only became weak, but also started looking aged. May be that was the reason why they abandoned me,” he said.

Bigyan bears the marks of the dissection, alongside several bruises all over his body, mostly from the cigarette burns.

He said that he was left at a jungle nearby Kathmandu at night nearly a week ago. He then reached Nepalgunj by a truck where he met a few individuals and shared his story. Upon listening to his story, they suggested him to share it on the social media. They then told him to report the case to the nearby police station.

“We have deployed a special team to investigate into the case. We are also consulting with medical experts to check his physical and mental health,” said Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) Subash Khadka, spokesperson for Banke Police.

Subhash Koirala, a resident of Chisapani, Khotang, who claims to be Bigyan’s elder brother, has come to meet him. Subhash, who has sought a transparent and effective investigation into the matter, said that his brother had been missing for a long time.

“Bigyan at present is being taken care by health professionals at Nil Sagar Ashram. He sometimes changes the statements he had made earlier. Nonetheless, we are investigating into the case seriously,” said DSP Khadka.