Tuesday, 11 August, 2020

Parent worship ceremony honours 501 parents 


Janakpurdham, Feb 14 : As many as 501 parents were worshipped by their children here today at the Parent Worship Ceremony organised by Radhakrishna Yoga Service Centre. The event was organised to promote the identity of culture and oriental values.    

Before this, the Centre conducted training on Saraswoti Mudra, ideal living, psychology, anatomy, methods of increasing mental power, healthy diet and speech science yoga under its 'ideal culture' camp.    

Chief of State 2 Tilak Pariyar inaugurated the programme. On the occasion, he said on the one hand material comfort seems to has increased along with the development of science and technology while on the other hand the tendency to forget the useful cultural practices has grown on the other, expressing dismay over the tendency to neglect parents as they became older.    

State 2 chief Pariyar expressed that people seem to be forgetting their cultural, family and social ethos while becoming entrapped in the 'glitzy' Western values that emphasized more on material well-being and instant pleasure.    

State Assembly members Ram Saroj Yadav and Parameshwor Saha said service to the parents itself was worship to god. They argued that criminal tendency and family discord has increased as people began neglecting oriental culture and values.    

Janakpurdham Sub-metropolitan city mayor Lal Kishor Saha rued the deteriorating social and cultural values with modernization. He expressed concern with the younger generation people's neglect of their parents.    

Centre's yoga guru Binaya Bhai stressed the need of propagating this type of awareness campaign at every household to resurrect the value of indigenous culture and lifestyle.    

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