Monday, 10 May, 2021

Nurses infected with COVID-19 deputed in treatment of other infected people


Nepalgunj, Apr. 29: A total of 73 health workers and staffs working at Bheri Hospital, Nepalgunj, have been infected with coronavirus. Bheri hospital has been carrying out treatment of coronavirus infected people.

With the second wave of COVID-19, a large number of health workers and staffs have been infected with the virus, said Chief Medical Superintendent of the hospital, Dr Prakash Thapa.

He shared that 73 health workers and staffs have tested positive for coronavirus till the date from April 14. Some of the nursing staffs even after being infected with the virus are working for treatment of infected people like them. The hospital administration has extended gratitude towards all staffs deputed in treatment of patients round the clock keeping their lives in risk.

The coronavirus infected health workers are compelled to involve in treatment in lack of human resources at the hospital. Some 10 nurses themselves are infected with the virus and deputed in treatment of patients, added Thapa.

There are now 212 coronavirus infected people are in the hospital. There is a compulsion to look after up to 100 patients by five nurses, said Chairperson of Bheri Hospital Development Committee, Pramod Dhital.

More than 100 people lost their lives from coronavirus in Banke.