Friday, 6 August, 2021

New feature films being released on digital platform


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, June 9: Cinema halls have remained shut for a long time due to lockdown, prompting a few filmmakers to release their films through digital platforms.
A few days ago, “Kopila”, a film based on the rape and murder of 13–year-old Nirmala Panta of Kanchanpur district, was released on Dish Home.
Likewise, another film “Lawajuni”, based on the Kamalari tradition which was in practice in western Nepal in the past in the Tharu community, had also been released in YouTube. Producer and director of the film KL Peedit told The Rising Nepal that they had already taken censorship certificate and the current lockdown forced them to choose the digital platform.
Now people are at home and entertainment has been a great pastime for people so we decided to release the film through digital platform, said Peedit.
The action-packed love story, Hero Returns, starring Rekha Thapa and Sabin Shrestha, has also been screened on Dish Home Cinema from Channel No. 108 from last Friday. Interested audience has to pay Rs 225 to watch the movie, directed by Aashih Bhetwal. However, viewers have a mixed reaction to the new movies released on digital platforms.
An ardent filmgoer, Manjari Dhakal, doesn’t like to watch new movies on digital platforms. She said that movies were made for cinemas, if they were released from digital platforms, the excitement of watching new feature films would lessen the excitement, but now it was okay to watch new films on digital platforms due to lockdown.
Sunil Sharma doesn’t prefer to watch every new movie by visiting the cinema halls, he seldom visits theatre to watch movies. So he appreciates the digital release concept.
He said that it was a good idea to sit with family members and watch new movies from home. “For audience like me, who don’t like visiting the theater, releasing new movies on digital platforms is good as we can enjoy a new movie staying home, saving both time and money,” said Sharma.
Release of movies like Premgeet 3, Lakka Jawan, Ma Yesto Geet Gauchhu 2, Neerphool has been halted due to prolonged lockdown. And filmmakers are still uncertain about releasing their movies in theatres.