Friday, 18 September, 2020

Nepali celebrities stand with actress Manisha Koirala


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, May 22: Actress Manisha Koirala has become the target of media bashing from the Indian TV channels for supporting the government act of unveiling the new map including the Nepali territories of Kalapani, Lipulek and Limpiyadhura.
The Indian channels, which have earned bad name for false propaganda against neighbours, have been pouring their anger against the popular actress connecting her unfairly with China, as well as the leaders, after the issuance of the new political and administrative map of Nepal.
Angered by the false and cheap presentation of the Indian media, Nepali celebrities have come out to support actress Koirala with a huge respect to her and her love towards the motherland and her respect to national sovereignty.
India resorted to media bashing against Koirala after she re-tweeted Foreign Minister Pradeep Gyawali’s tweet about the endorsement of the new map of Nepal.
She had written, “Thank you for keeping the dignity of our small nation, we all are looking forward for a peaceful and respectful dialogue between all three great nations now.”
Nepali singer Indira Joshi supported Koirala and wrote, “Contributed to Bollywood with her amazing acting skills, gave many hits, paid her taxes, nothing personal here, it’s about exchange of service.” She further wrote she was a strong, talented woman, a cancer survivor, example to many and standing up for the truth.
Likewise, another popular Nepali actress Pooja Sharma wrote, “Actress Manisha Koirala, who has won the hearts of the world due to her personality and acting, is making the Indian media cry while commenting on the issue of Nepali land. But they did not try to make news and search for the truth, it is a pity.”
Nepalis may be all over the world in terms of work and deeds, but when it comes to the country and their land, then they speak in favour of the country.
Likewise, comedian Manoj Gajurel also wrote that not only Manisha Koirala, the Indian media will now chase all of them who tell the truth against them. “Therefore, it is important for all Nepalis to stand united in the national agenda. This is not the time to play ‘Tom and Jerry’. The view of the government on border issue should be the opinion of all the Nepali people as well. Otherwise, everyone is affected, Jai Nepal.”
Even politician and journalist Rabindra Mishra has strongly supported Koirala’s opinion and he tweeted, “I am with Manisha Koirala. What a section of the Indian media is doing is simply disgusting. One can live/work in any part of the world but still remains staunchly patriotic. What if similar comments are made on Indians residing abroad when they demonstrate loyalty to India?”
Not only Mishra, another media personality Ravi Lamichhane expressed his support to the actress and wrote, “One tweet from Manisha Koirala made you sweat so much? Poor Indian media! An actress speaks in favour of the soil, why the Indian media go down to the lowest level by using abusive language.”
Lamichhane further wrote, “Manisha Koirala is the daughter of an independent country, Nepal, which has never been colonised by others, never has to celebrate Independence Day. So, she doesn’t speak?”
“And I strongly suggest all Indian media to study your own map that was submitted to the United Nations by your own government. Please take a look at our political map issued officially,” said Lamichhane.
Manisha Koirala is getting huge support from Nepali people and celebrities for supporting the recent decision of Nepal government. However, Indian media are criticizing her harshly for her support to her motherland.
Koirala made debut in Bollywood from Saudagar in 1991 and since then she contributed a number of hit films to the Indian film industry. She was one of the top actresses in 1990s. And she hugely contributed to the Bollywood with her phenomenal acting skills. 

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