Sunday, 17 January, 2021

Nepali actresses protest against Indian web series for using abusive language targeting Nepali women


By A Staff Reporter
Kathmandu, May 21: After India constructed a road in Lipulek of Nepal to reach Manasarovar in Tibet, China, protests are taking place across the country and in the meantime Nepali female artistes are strongly protesting against an Indian web series for using abusive language targeting Nepali women.
In the Indian web series ‘Patal Lok’ produced by Bollywood actress Anuska Sharma, airing in the Amazon Prime Series, offensive language has been used to describe Nepali women, which deeply hurts Nepali women and the female artistes of Nepal and they are demanding that Anuska Sharma and the makers apologise and remove the objectionable scenes from the series.
In the series, a female constable hits a young woman and calls her ‘Nepali whore’ which has hurt the dignity and sentiment of Nepali women, they argued.
In this regard, Nepali actress Reecha Sharma wrote on her social media account, “The insult used against Nepali women in Amazon Prime's “Patal Lok” series has saddened all Nepalis. The production team of the film should apologise to Nepali and remove that word from the series.
At such a time, we have all become one. However, such unity is never seen against the remarks of Nepali artistes, models, Miss Nepals who are referred to with sexually abusive language. Maybe no one showed interest because that comment came from an individual. Don't we have to teach such abusers a lesson? Wake up now!”
Similarly, actress Rekha Thapa has strongly condemned the encroachment of Nepali land by India and use of such offensive language in Bollywood films and serials which, she said, insulted the dignity of Nepalis.
“The disrespectful word used in the serial called “Patal Lok” for the dignity of Nepali women and the self-respecting daughters of our sovereign country is highly objectionable,” said Thapa.
She said the filmmakers should immediately apologise and remove the scene from the series. She also asked the Nepalis who crowd to watch Hindi films and serials at homes should now understand the intention of Bollywood crew.
However, Keki Adhikari sees fault at home for promoting such abusive language. She said, “Our own people are using such abusive language in front of us, at our back, on social media, and on youtube.”
She further wrote, “Yes, they have learned from us, we are the ones who have raised these issues and put your hands on your chest and tell us how much we have insulted our sisters in our own country.”
She said, “Whatever happened is never forgivable.” 

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