Monday, 30 November, 2020

MIMP originals unveil a song of hope


By Mannu Shahi

Music Is My Prayer (MIMP) Nepal is a multimedia platform that was apparent in the social media sites after the first worldwide coronavirus lockdown. The organization is associated with Sangeet Pathshala, a music institute formed in 2012 with an aim of providing quality music training for enthusiastic individuals.
Run by a group of musicians this institute has been serving the local music scene by organizing various events, competitions, releasing live sessions, renting out practice space and even working as a mediator for students willing to study music abroad.
And through MIMP Nepal, this collective is trying to create a space that supports various local to mainstream artists in an attempt to enhance the entire structure of Nepali music industry. Their first ever video that dropped on June 2020 featuring some of the most prominent rock musicians of the country, displayed their struggles as an artist trying to make ends meet during the lockdown phase.
The follow-up video series on debunking the myths of singing reality television shows served as an eye-opener for many viewers and many eager to join in the franchise and its corruption. While the national song writing competition organized by MIMP, gave a platform to many new aspiring talents in finding a place in the music industry. Similarly, their MIMP pick series has also been featuring brief interviews with musicians who’ve recently released their music videos and share their journey of creating the piece with their audience.
And a week ago the channel released a collaborative music video titled Sunaulo Din, under the banner MIMP originals wishing their followers a prosperous Dashian and spreading a positive message in these difficult times. Supported by Excelsia College, Australia, most of the artists included in both the song writing and video production works are individuals associated with the MIMP collective.
With Swapnil Sharma (The Shadows Nepal), Ananda Rai, Kabiraj Rai, Pranay Labhuhang, Tsering Lama, Megha Shrestha and Barsha Rai Manandhar on vocal duties; Rajiv Khadka and Ridesh Tamang on guitars; Swapnil Sharma again on lyrics/ arrangement, Anand Rai on choir arrangement and Pramod Acharya on post-production; directed by Naren Limbu, the videography and editing credits are entitled to Kabiraj Rai, Kiran Sherchan and Kishor Sherchan. Only a week after the video has already crossed ten thousand views on Youtube, so check out the video and the channel for more info into Nepali music scene. 

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