Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

Migrant worker’s wife elopes leaving three kids in distress

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By Jayakrishna Yadav, Inaruwa, Apr. 4: All the dreams of Anbarul Miya of Ghuski, Harinagar Rural Municipality-6 in Sunsari district, who flew overseas as a migrant worker to earn money and please his wife and three children, have now been shattered.

His wife, who was bringing up three children, ran away with another man. Before flying overseas, Miya had told his wife to manage household expenses from the money he would send and save some to build a new house.

Miya, who got married 10 years ago and was running his family affairs with difficulty, went to Qatar for foreign employment upon his wife's advice.

All his dreams and future plans got shattered after his wife Imamini Khatun, a native of Inaruwa 10, Jalpapur, eloped with another man.

He is currently worrying about his mother and three children in the village.

Miya’s wife Khatun had been flirting with her Indian boyfriend Kalam Mansuri for the past one year.

Farida, the Miya's sister, said she was shocked to hear that her sister-in-law was having an affair with another man.

Miya, who is currently in Qatar, had gifted a new mobile phone to his wife a month after he went abroad.

He also said that he was in trouble today after all of the Rs. 800,000 he had sent on his wife was lost with his wife. 

Miya said that he had been sweating in the scorching heat in a foreign land for almost two and a half years. He said that he was disappointed after she ran away with her boyfriend along with a mobile phone he had gifted her and posted the photos of the boyfriend when they reached India.