Monday, 25 January, 2021

Man-eater leopard trapped in Tanahu (with video)


By Amar Raj Naharki, Tanahu, Nov. 26: A cannibal natured leopard has fallen into a tarp set up at the Majuwa Okhale community forest of Fushretar, Bhanu Municipality-2, Tanahu.

Hari Bhakta Dhakal, 78, had set up a traditional pen as a trap keeping goats inside the tarp, and the cannibal leopard was found trapped inside the pen on Thursday morning, said Arjun KC, ward chairman at Bhanu Municipality-2.

As many as 10 children lost their lives and six others got critically injured in the last two and a half years' period in Tanahu due to the attack of the leopards.

According to Division Forest Office, Tanahu, Bhanu Municipality has been affected most by the attacks of the ferocious wild cat.

In Bhanu alone, as many as six children have lost their lives from the attack of leopard.

The locals have expressed their happiness over the tarp of the deadly leopard, said Manoj Shrestha, a media person residing in the area.

Uday Raj Gauli, Mayor of Bhanu Municipality, said that as many as four leopards had been trapped in the ambush set up by Dhakal and that the municipality honoured Dhakal with a cash incentive of Rs. 10,000 last year for his work.

The Division Forest Office informed that as many as 18 pens were set up to trap leopard in different places within the district, all in coordination with the community forest.

As many as 10 leopards have been ensnared so far.

All the ensnared leopards have been handed over to the National Park.

To help minimise terror of the leopard among the locals, tracking cameras were set up in the municipality just last week.

76 tracking cameras have been installed in 22 community forests of the wild life affected wards, said Manoj Ranabhat, Assistant Forest Officer, District Forest Office, Tanahu.

The tracking cameras have been installed in the initiative of Division Forest Office, Tanahu and Kaski.

The cameras have been set up at a distance of a kilometer and they capture the picture and activities of the wild lives of the forest that move around them.

The Division Forest Office informed that the purpose of installing the tracking cameras was to investigate upon the leopards and the animals they eat as their movement have and attacks on human beings have made it risky for the locals even to step out of their house.


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