Tuesday, 2 June, 2020

Kopila, a movie based on Nirmala Panta, released from Dish Home


By Renuka Dhakal

Kathmandu, May 15: “Kopila”, a film based on the rape and murder of 13–year-old Nirmala Panta of Kanchanpur district, has been released in Dish Home Channel since Tuesday.
Interested viewers can watch the movie at channel no 108.
According to the source, eight shows of the film are being screened a day and the viewers can watch the film on their television at home at their suitable time. To watch this movie, viewers should pay Rs 225 and from the release date so far about 11,000 people have watched the movie, said Shivam Adhikari, film director.
The film unit is optimistic that if the ratio remains the same in cinemas for the next three weeks, they will recover about 50 per cent of their investment.
According to writer and director Adhikari, the reality-based movie “Kopila” will explore the psychological aspects of the victim’s family and societal psychology towards Nirmala’s murder case.
After the rape and murder of teenager Nirmala Panta on July 26, 2018, Adhikari had a profound effect of the murder of the innocent girl as to why this particular case was so highlighted even though various such incidents were taking place in the country.
Despite so much emphasis to this case, it has been mysterious and why the authorities couldn’t find the real culprit. This is what Adhikari wanted to know. With a lot of question marks in his head, Adhikari went to meet the victim’s mother Durga Devi Panta and after hearing from Durga Devi, Adhikari realised another aspect of this terrible incident.
He understood the family experienced psychological torture from the society, government and the media. Therefore, through this movie Adhikari has tried to explore the psychological aspects of the victim’s family from the mother’s perspective and the societal psychology towards this case after the brutal rape and murder.
Adhikari said that the film was being screened through Dish Home channel addressing the demand of the viewers in the lockdown as the operation of the movie halls was blocked due to the COVID-19.
The film had earlier released a trailer and with the money collected through a special event in Hetauda, they had given Rs 50,000 to Panta’s family, said Adhikari.
In addition, 10 per cent of the profits from the film will be provided to the victim's family, he added.
In presentation of Ganesh Giri, the film is produced by journalist Maniraj Gautam. The film stars Sarita Giri, Ganesh Giri, Sanjivani Kharel, Prakriti Kharel and Riddhicharan Shrestha, among others. This is the first Nepali film released through alternative means after the release of film in theatres was delayed due to the nationwide lockdown. 

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