Friday, 7 May, 2021

Khuwalung in east Nepal gaining attention of many

A motorboat is seen on the Saptakoshi.

By Bhot Raj Rai, Udayapur, Apr. 12: Khuwalung, located in east Nepal, has of late been gaining the attention of many across the country.

“Along with the increase in publicity, the number of tourists visiting Khuwalung, the centre of belief for Kirat Rai community, has been increasing daily,” informed Khegendra Prasad Ghimire, a tourism entrepreneur.

A huge boulder situated in the middle of Saptakoshi River is called Khuwalung in the Kiranti language. “Khuwalung bears a long history which dates back to the ancient Kirant settlement. Thus, this place holds significant importance in the Kirant community,” said Meg Raj Rai, a local.

Khuwalung can be reached only by a jet boat. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli and Chief Minister of Province 1 Sher Dhan Rai have also visited Khuwalung via waterways.

The huge stone is located at the border of Belaka Municipality-7 of Udayapur, Bhojpur, and Dhankuta.

When Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli had expressed his intent to break Khuwalung, the locals and entire Kirant community across the nation had opposed it. Citing that it would obstruct the operation of boats, jet boats, and mini ships, the government had a plan to remove it. But locals are urging the government to take necessary steps for the conservation of Khuwalung.

Currently, an alternative way for jet boats is being created without breaking the Khuwalung.

Situated three kilometres ahead of Chatara Saptakoshi Bridge, Khuwalung can be reached via Baraha Kshetra.

“Not only people from Kirant Rai community, but the general public also have been visiting Khuwalung lately. This has aided in promoting domestic tourism in eastern Nepal,” informed Sup Raj Rai, another local.

Journalist and historian Kaushal Chemjong said, “Deep research and investigation must be conducted on Khuwalung in order to protect and promote the area.”

“If Khualung can be made the hub for water and religious tourism, it would help in the economic prosperity of the nation,” he added.