Thursday, 28 October, 2021

Exhibition of Bikalpa Art Centre Begins


By Renuka Dhakal, Kathmandu, Aug 7: Amidst the global pandemic, Bikalpa Art Center (BAC) has started the physical exhibition of 'A Portal to Nepali Contemporary Art after COVID -19' since July 31. The exhibition will last till September 30.

With the small intimate gathering in Kathmandu, BAC also lunched Bikalpa store.

BAC began the exhibition and launched the online store with the aim of providing a portal or gateway for recognition and acknowledgment of the Nepali contemporary artists and their art.

It has also motioned that it is high time that Nepali artists gained a global appreciation and a medium to demonstrate their creativity.

The event was inaugurated in the presence of a few delegates, including KK Karmacharya (Chancellor, NAFA), Uma Shankar Shah, Seema Sharma Shah, Mok Chitrakar, Chirag Bangdel, Mukesh Malla, Shushma Rajbhandari, and Ramesh Khanal.

This exhibition has brought together a wide range of artworks from different communities and regions from across the country and that includes over 40 artists in the forms of traditional art to post- modern style, said the organisers.

With this event, it also aims at creating digital archives and documents of the Nepali contemporary artists and artisans and promotes them.

Along with that, BAC also aims at creating an open discussion forum that would record holistic representation of Nepali artists in national and international level and embrace the constructive feedbacks on the situation of Nepali artists, art market, and other various opportunities for art organisations including the young emerging artists.

BAC has been working in the field of art for the last seven years, opening  the e–commerce site which archives the art works of various artists.

 Saroj Mahato, Founding Director and Curator of BAC said it was the result of their vision and promote Nepali artists, art and culture.

In the first phase, the online art gallery has archived the 45 artworks and the exhibition showcased 22 artists' art works from various backgrounds.

In addition, the visitors to the online art gallery can see or buy not only the paintings, but also read the details of the artists, said Mahato.

He said that in average, five to ten people are visiting exhibition on a daily basis.