Sunday, 1 November, 2020

Craze of artistes grows in music videos


By Renuka Dhakal
Kathmandu, Oct.15: Trend of making music videos taking the silver screen artistes has, of late, increased.
Since the relaxation of lockdown, production of the music videos with film stars has unexpectedly gone up.
Music videos are being produced by taking the silver screen artistes with the hope of getting good viewership on YouTube and TikTok.
Among the actors Paul Shah has been the favourite choice for the producers of music videos. He has been busy in the shooting of music videos almost every day. In seven days last week, his six videos were released.
Likewise, actors Najir Husen, Pushpa Khadka and Akash Shrestha have also become the common names in the music videos these days. Actresses Keki Adhikari, Anchal Sharma, Pooja Sharma, Swatima Khadka, Barsha Raut and Barsha Siwakoti among others are also busy doing music videos.
Even superstar Rajesh Hamal-featured music video ‘Manjari’ was released this week. Along with Hamal, singer Prakash Saput and actress Barsha Siwakoti were featured in the folk music video.
Popular actors like Dayahang Rai, Bipin Karki, Nischal Basnet and Dilip Rayamajhi are also doing music videos these days.
However, with the release of new music videos on a daily basis, their quality has been questioned. Viewers stopped watching music videos even having noted actors as there has been a flood of the music videos.
Sarika Gautam, a fan of songs, said that she was losing her interest in music videos as the same faces are regularly seen in any type of video song.
Views are very important for producers who invest in videos to earn money from YouTube. On top of that, the producers can lose millions invested for famous artistes if the views are not high.
For the purpose of making money from YouTube, the producers are attracted to make videos with film actors so that they get more views on Youtube.
Two days ago, a video titled Galaima Dimple starring two popular Nepali actors Akash Shrestha and Pushpa Khadka was released. However, the song has not been able to garner 100,000 views even on a channel with 3.8 million subscribers like OSR Digital. So far, the song has been viewed about 90,000 times.
Three days ago, Mukhaima Ram Ram starring actor Paul Shah, Najir Husen and actress Swastima Khadka was released.
The video has been viewed only about 5, 00000 times in three days. This video has been released from a channel with about 1 million subscribers.
This week, song Kin Yasto Bho was released with Paul Shah, Durgesh Thapa, Aliza Gautam and Sudhir Shrestha. Despite casting famous actors, a week after its release, the video of the song has been viewed only about 7, 50000 times.
The song Timro Pyaarma Chu starring Akash Shrestha released about three weeks has been watched by over 300,000 people. Although the song was good, the video did not heat up the market.
Song Dashain Tihar directed by Milan Chams with actor Aryan Sigdel, actress Aanchal Sharma and Rebika Gurung was released two days ago. The video received about 200,000 views in two days.
It is natural for film actors to appear on the music videos when the film industry is not open, however, if the audience take them lightly because of their frequent appearance in music videos, it may hamper their charm on the big screens. 

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