Sunday, 17 January, 2021

Bullfight held in Dhading to mark Maghe Sankranti

A pair of bulls lock horns in the fight held in Dhuwakot on Maghe Sankranti.

By Murari Adhikari, Dhading, Jan 14: Bull-fight was organised on the occasion of Maghe Sankranti here today.

At least 28 pairs of bulls were brought for the bullfight competition held at two different places in the district -18 pairs of bulls at Dhuwakot, Nilakantha Municipality-14, and 10 pairs of bulls at Khalte of the same municipality.

A pair of ploughing bulls would be used for a bullfight in the past as a tradition to mark Maghe Sankranti. But, now that tradition has been given continuity with many pairs of bulls bringing together at the same place for the bullfight.

Coordinator of the center for cultural protection and tourism promotion that organised the bullfight at Dhuwakot, Shiva Kumar Shrestha, said that the bullfight festival was held to promote domestic tourism.

Bullfight in Rasuwa.


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