Thursday, 24 September, 2020

Budding Urge Of Poetic Search


Gandhi Raj Kafle


Youngsters in the nation these days are showing a keen interest to compose poems in English. Maybe this is a positive outcome of preference of teachings and learning through the English language medium. Will it boost quality of creative writing in English? Much of it depends on how new generation poets and authors devote their life in this beat of writing. In fact, devotion is the key element and what one needs is timeless passion to work and feel satisfied from own creativity. This is the basis where we can expect quality literary works for readers.
However, to link aforementioned context, we have a young poetess here. Her name is Rubi Bhandari and she has come up with a newly published under review anthology of poems in the English language entitled “The Bittersweet Scribbles.”
Why did she opt to write her poems in nonnative language? We can say she has made an adventurous attempt. It is good. There can be no path if we don’t walk. And, Rubi has made a path and this path is not dry. There are comments and her interests to compose poems in English have reached to the stage of readers. She can self-realise for betterment and it is that process which continues even in the life of senior poets and authors.
Nice thing about her to note here is new poetess Rubi Bhandari has made a point to walk ahead on the poetic path with energetic zeal publishing her poetry collection under the title of “The Bittersweet Scribbles” for readers.
This is an 88-page book, where we can find sixty-four poems. The composer has divided her poems into three thematic titles of ‘Withering,’ ‘Blossoming’ and ‘Love.’ This division is meaningful because it signals contradiction of life, which is hard to escape for all. That is because the phases of withering, blossoming and love are mutually complimentary. Thus, the poetic art of budding talent to seek beauty in these three conditions of life is praiseworthy.
Furthermore, Ruby as a young poetess has also shown keen interest to speak about existential values, which in her opinion is as precious as love. Sometimes she dares even to explore new definition through the medium of poems. In many poems, she also defends self-pride, liberty and confidence highlighting the need that there is no need to compromise everything just for the sake of love. Only love that accords priority to self values and seeks to attach importance to values of each other equally and respectfully is true love; she says it through the message of these poems.
There are quite a lot of poems, which are very short in this anthology. Ruby has given separate title even to two line poems. Is it necessary to be so short? This may be a question. She has four or five lines poem also in this anthology. In fact, to be short in expression is a kind of ambition among poets and poetess. In this meter, two lines may be too short and to add some more sweet lines can also be a better choice for creators. Ruby can learn and aim for better as a poetess in future.
But, it does not mean there are no longer poems in this anthology. The poetess has tried her best to decorate deep meanings and messages in her longer poems. The good part is she has not only problems; she has solutions, too, and this poetic solution is her aim of words to make fabrics of each other’s trust strong.

Let’s see some poems from this anthology:
When the sun sleeps for a dozen hours
And the moon comes chasing after,
There will be beauty all over
But you, left alone there to see
Poem, “She was waiting”, P.15

You have the eyes
Feels like home
Honey, cozy and safe
Beautiful deep as the woods,
Cocoa that melt into the warmth
Poem “Trapped in your eyes”, P. 66
There must not be any hesitation to say: Poetess Ruby has messages, she is the budding talent and this anthology is a testimony of her zeal to compose more poems.
With the English becoming mainstream international language, publication of poetic work like “The Bittersweet Scribbles” has to be welcomed. 

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