Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Bonita Sharma makes it to the BBC 100 Women 2019 list


By A Staff Reporter

Bonita Sharma is listed alongside 18 women out of 100 in the knowledge category in which NASA's MiMi Aung is responsible for a team designing a helicopter to fly on Mars. After travelling alone from Myanmar to the US to further her education at 16, MiMi is now project manager at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), California Institute of Technology.
She is challenged with building an aircraft light enough to fly in the very thin atmosphere of the Red Planet - it should reach the surface in February 2021.
Susmita Mohanty is hailed as 'India's space woman.' Spaceship designer Susmita founded India's first space start-up.
A passionate climate action advocate, she uses her business to help monitor and understand climate change from space.
Computer scientist Noor Shaker left Syria for Europe in 2008 to follow her passion for Artificial Intelligence. After a successful decade in academia, she turned her skills toward entrepreneurial innovation. Motivated by her mother's fight against cancer, Shaker was compelled to bring her knowledge of AI to the medical world.
The result is a ground-breaking technique using AI to design new medicines faster than humans. Her work has attracted the attention of some of the top global pharmaceutical companies, and she has been named one of MIT's 'Innovators under 35'.
Amy Webb of US is a futurist who advises government leaders and the CEOs of some of the world's largest companies on how to prepare for complex futures.
In 2015, she decided to make all of her research open source, freely available to the public.
At 16, Hayfa of Tunisia founded not-for-profit Entrcrush, an online platform for future entrepreneurs where they could be matched with donors, and take e-courses in areas like management and accounting.
She works with the UN in Tunisia on gender equality initiatives.
One day, I want to wake up to find gender equality is real. I will stay out late that night; I will wear whatever I want to, without worrying about being harassed. I will be free to live by myself if I want to; I will earn as much as a man.
Talking to TRN back in June, Sharma said, the first 1,000 days of child beginning from conception until it becomes two years is recognised as the critical window for setting the foundation for child’s overall development.  “The emphasis of our solution lies on promoting breastfeeding, complementary feeding and balanced diet during various life stages,” said Sharma. “SOCHAI believes that the high rate of malnutrition can be prevented with simple and affordable interventions.”
Bonita, from Kathmandu, holds a Bachelor’s in Public Health and Master’s Degree in Nutrition from Purbanchal University and Tribhuvan University, respectively and co-founded SOCHAI, together with like-minded friends and has since been active in campaigning against child malnutrition.
Upon hearing the news, Bonita took to Twitter to express her happiness, “To be listed among the women I see as my role models is just overwhelming & empowering at the same time.
Thank you BBCWorld, It's an honour to be included in the list of BBC 100 Women 2019.”
The list includes, among others, climate change activist Greta Thunberg and many others who are driving change on behalf of women everywhere, writes BBC.

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