Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Ancient idol of Lord Vishnu found while digging pond in Bara


By Shiva Shankhar Mishra, Bara, March 3: An ancient statue of Lord Vishnu believed to be from the 16th century has been unearthed while digging the ground for a pond at Hariharpur Tole, Ward No. 4 of Simrangaudh Municipality.

Aspiring fish farmer, Kisundar Mahato Koiri, a local, had commissioned a JCB excavator to dig out his land for building a pond, but much to his astonishment, the excavator discovered a magnificent Lord Vishnu statue buried in mud and scrape. “The black statue is now safely housed at the Ward’s Shiva temple,” informed SP Dipendra Shahi of the District Police Office.

The recent find, however, isn’t the first of its kind, as other such historical artefacts have also been unearthed from the same area. Bearing the archaeological significance of the Municipality, the locals have urged the government to intensify security measures in preserving the structures.

Rajesh Prasad Yadav, Ward Chairperson of Ward No. 4, said that the locals intended to keep the statue under the protection of the ward office.

The seven-foot-long and four-foot-wide historic statue is reportedly assumed to be a relic from the time of 22 and 24 principalities.

The Simraungadh region, as per the locals, is regarded in history as being the largest empire among the former 22 and 24 states.

Once believed to be seat of some of the most magnificent monuments and temples, Simrangaudh was reportedly destroyed by then ruler of a significant portion of India, Muslim king Gyasudin Tughlaq.

History has it that King Narasimha Dev, who was ruling Simraungadh at that time, fled to Kathmandu to evade the attack.