Friday, 7 May, 2021

A village where only Tamang language is spoken


By Our Correspondent, Sindhupalchowk, Apr. 16: Everyone in Chhajogang village in Helambu Rural Municipality-5 in Sindhupalchowk district speaks Tamang language. This is not because the language has been made compulsory for all to speak, but because people there want to preserve their culture, including their language, said Nimagaljen Sherpa, chairman of the rural municipality. 

Though people of various ethnicities like Chhetri, Brahmin, Dalit and Newar inhabit the village, ethnic Tamang people forms the overwhelming majority.

Lal Bahadur Tamang, 70, of the village said they speak only Tamang language in an effort to save their ancestor’s culture and beliefs from foreign influence.

According to him, Buddhist prayer flag, Darjo sits atop every house, and in the prayer room, their saviour deity Latyanje is worshipped. All guests who come to the village are greeted with a shawl and a garland in Tamang language saying Java Mula. What’s more, every house rebuilt after the earthquake are decorated to highlight Tamang tradition.

“Since Tamangs are the original inhabitants of the village, preserving and promoting their language is a right thing to do,” said Hark Bahadur Tamang, chairman of the rural municipality, adding, “That said, everyone in the village can both speak and understand Nepali language, which was not the case 16 years ago.”