Friday, 18 September, 2020

Youths making millions from buffalo farming

Youths in Saptari Make Millions From Buffalo Farming

By Dhirendra Prasad Sah, Rajbiraj, Mar. 12: Two youths of Maleth, Rajbiraj Municipality – 9, Saptari have been earning more from commercial buffalo husbandry than they ever did by working abroad.

Santosh Singh had spent three years as a foreign labourer in Malaysia before he returned to Nepal and began rearing buffaloes.

Seeing his success, his neighbour Mohammad Abanarul also joined him and, together they bought two buffaloes and started producing milk.

They met immense success in the business and today they have a dozens of buffaloes that produce a total of 200 litres of milk every day. “We sell this milk to the nearby Janata Agrovet and are earning nearly Rs. 4 – 5 million a month,” they said.

These two individuals are a shining example of the opportunities that Nepali youths can avail of right at home. But instead, they willingly choose to go abroad rather than trying their luck within the country.

“These two stand as credible examples for other hardworking and dedicated youths seeking to invest their time and knowledge within the country instead of going abroad,” stated ward chair Sambhu Prasad Yadav.

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