Saturday, 28 March, 2020

Upper Tamakoshi completion date to be postponed again


By Our Correspondent, Dolakha, Jan.12: The date for completing the much-awaited Upper Tamakosi hydropower project which is under construction at Bigu Gaupalika -1, Lamabagar in Dolakha district is going to be deferred again due to the time consuming vertical tunnel construction work.  

Due to the delay in fixing penstock pipes in the 5373-metre bottom vertical tunnel and 310-metre upper vertical tunnel of the project, which is considered one of the most difficult parts of the national pride project, the production date has been postponed again.

The Upper Tamakoshi, which has been repeatedly revising the power generation schedule, said that the project would be delayed due to penstock placing work on the vertical start. Earlier, the Upper Tamakoshi is said to start its production from the first unit in April this year, and from six units within the current fiscal year.

Austrian company Andrews has completed 50.9 per cent of penstock's connection to the lower vertical shaft while Indian company Texma's Railway Engineering has completed only 29.3 percent of Penstock's connection work in the upper vertical shaft so far.Both companies have completed only 40.9 per cent of the 683 meter penstock fixing work. The penstock pipe, up to 5 meters in length and 27 tonnes in weight, is connected to a 35 ton capacity granite crane with a vertical shaft.  

Meanwhile, Railway Engineering of Indian contractor company Texma, which has been responsible for the hydro mechanical work of Lot No. 2 of the Tamakoshi project, has also delayed the work of penstock pipe. Overall, 99 per cent of the Upper Tamakoshi project has been completed so far. Construction work on the project site has already been completed and the construction work of the main tunnel has reached its final stage. The work on the power plant has reached its final stage. Doctor Neupane, spokesperson of the project, said that the work of pulling 27 kilometers wire, including 127 towers under the transmission line, had completed. Four multi-circuit towers are yet to be built.

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