Friday, 22 January, 2021

Teacher turns to sculptor, earns Rs. 15 lakh a year


By Pratik Sharma, Salyan, Nov. 23: Generally speaking, educated youths in our country are found inclined towards some kind of table work. But, Topendra Dangi, a youth from Kotmaula, Bagchaur-9 in Salyan, has been earning a lucrative amount of 1.5 million rupees annually from sculpture business.

He said that a statue, figurine or other small models of a person is worth around Rs. 15,000-20,000 and he has been selling statues at the same rate.

Dangi said that he was involved in art projects initially, but now he is investing his full time in sculpture making after leaving his teaching profession some seven years ago.

Sculptor Dangi can create exact copy of the picture given to him by clients into sculptor and he gets the order from Salyan, Rukum, Jajarkot, Rolpa and Dang districts.

Similarly, Dangi is giving employment to two other people in his Topendra Art Center, Bagchaur.

In the center, workers paint the sculpture and support Dangi in other works as well.

One of the employees at Dangi's, Yek Raj Oli, expressed his happiness over getting the job in his own village.

According to him, the monthly salary for giving a paint to the sculpture is 25,000 rupees a month.

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