Sunday, 19 September, 2021

Private sector takes initiative to install CCTV camera


By Arjun Kafle

Syangja, Sept. 26: Private sector of Syangja is leading in installing closed-circuit television cameras (CCTV camera). drive in the district. Umbrella organisation of private sector collected funds and initiated the task of installing the CCTVs.
Association of Industry and Commerce in Syangja set up CCTVs in Putalibazaar Municipality in coordination with the District Police Office to maintain public security.
Nepal Bank Limited provided Rs.90,000 to the business community to fix the CCTVs in and around its district headquarters. The Association also collected Rs.50,000 from Muktinath Development Bank and Rs.100,000 from Raze Motors Isuzu Pokhara for buying the CCTVs.
The association was setting up altogether 20 CCTV cameras in Sahidchok, Chauki Bazaar, Bankroad, Abhiyanpath, Thadoline, Ghumti, Pragatinagar, Badakhola of Putalibazaar Municipality for maintaining better security. Five of them have already been installed.
Bikaranta Kumar Shrestha, chairman of the Association, said that digital instruments like CCTVs were needed for maintaining public safety.
“We are managing funds and installing CCTVs here to control crimes,” he added. According to him, CCTVs were essential to minimise accidents and incidents of thefts and robbery in the marketplace.
Superintendent of Police (SP) Raj Kumar Lamsal agreed with Shrestha and said that the electronic instruments were effective in crime control. “It is an effective tool to regulate and minimise accidents or crimes which is why we are coordinating with the private sector,” he added.
Major market places like Bhirkot, Waling, Galyang, Arjunchaupari, Mirmi, Chapakot needs CCTV installation which will complete by next month.
Six CCTV cameras kept in various places of the market some 10 years ago had turned useless. “They are useless because they were not maintained,” Shrestha said.