Sunday, 11 April, 2021

Preliminary study conducted on building infrastructures at borders with China, Korala checkpoint (with photos)


By Amrit Prasad Poudel, Beni, Mar. 4: A preliminary study has been completed for the construction of infrastructures at the Korala checkpoint in Mustang district, which borders China. The Sitara Consult Pvt. Ltd. has completed the preliminary study but the report is yet to come.

As per the agreement with the government, the team of the Sitara Consult Pvt. Ltd. conducted a three-day technical study by visiting the Korala checkpoint.

Tika Koirala, Director Engineer of the Sitara Consult Pvt. Ltd, said that the company had inked a deal with the government three months ago but as it was too cold to visit the Korala area in the meantime, the study was delayed.

A team including engineer Koirala reached Korala checkpoint on Sunday and returned to Jomsom on Thursday after a three-day study of the area.

Engineer Koirala said, “Now that the weather is much more comfortable, we have looked at the local living conditions, including surveys, geography, and road infrastructure by visiting the place.”

Koirala said that the team returned after conducting an on-site study to assess the condition of the land, the condition of the environment, economic and technical feasibility.

Sitara Consult Pvt. Ltd. has taken charge of the feasibility study and survey for the construction of infrastructure at Korala checkpoint, said Chandra Mohan Gauchan, a provincial lawmaker of Gandaki province.

The team has completed the preliminary study on land and geography of the Mustang checkpoint for the construction of physical infrastructures, said lawmaker Gauchan, adding that the DPR will be made on the basis of the study.

Engineer Koirala said, “We have completed the feasibility study of the land and have surveyed the geology through three days field visit and will come up with the detailed report of the project after reaching Kathmandu.”

Construction of customs, immigration offices, and dry ports at the side of China in the border have reached the final phase as China started the construction in  2018. However, Nepal has just now taken initiatives to build necessary infrastructures so as to make it easy for trade and mobility of people through the border.

Similarly, the government has started the Beni-Jomsom-Korala Road Project as a national pride project since 2018 as per the long-term plan to operate the Korala checkpoint, said Prem Tulachan, Member of the House of Representatives from Mustang.

According to the project, the work of upgrading Beni-Jomsom and Jomsom-Korala road section is progressing at a fast pace, said Tulachan.