Friday, 21 January, 2022

Pokhara keeps attracting hordes of new tourists


By Smita Adhikari
Pokhara, Nov :7 Pokhara is not new for Alon, 30, a resident of Tel Aviv, Israel. He was here eight years ago and had spent 12 days while trekking in the famous Annapurna Circuit.
Now, he has returned to Pokhara with a plan to trek in the Manaslu area. He said he would spend 20 days in Nepal this time.

“I have found Pokhara has not changed regarding its originality. The hospitality of people here is same as before,” he said.
According to him, he always remembers Pokhara when he returns to his nation. “This is why I frequently make plans to visit it during vacations,” he said.

Alon represents the international visitors who arrive in Pokhara with different purposes and targets. With the end of monsoon, Pokhara sees a threefold increase in tourist arrivals.
The pleasing climate in autumn with clear sky, clean water in the lakes and rivers and warm sunny environment draw the visitors to Pokhara.
Elmu Emely of Munich of Germany had also heard many things about the cultures of the Pokhara people. She had been planning to visit Pokhara for five years and managed her time to visit the place this year.

Sitting on the bank of the Fewa Lake with her legs into the blue water, she said she enjoyed looking the reflection of mountains in the water. “It makes me so clam that I never felt before” she said.
As one of the most significant tourism areas of the nation, Pokhara appears hosting new visitors almost every day.

Every year when the month of September starts, the lakes, hills, mountains, trekking routes, caves, falls and other areas in and around Pokhara get filled with many foreigners and domestic tourists.
However, infrastructures like roads, quick service, communication, transportation and sanitation are not as good as their expectation.
“If the roads are good, I will come here by bus observing scenes” Anuj Poddar of Andheri, Mumbai of India, said.

Similarly, 32 years old Marion of Bergan Land, Austria, suggested the people here should follow strict rules while throwing dusts and wastes.
The period from September to November is a peak tourist season with the maximum number of visitors coming to Nepal.

As per the data provided by the Tourism Section of Gandaki State Ministry of Industry, Forest, Tourism and Environment, in 2018 \ 2019, a total 298,975 foreign tourists visited the Gandaki State.
During September this year, 18,375 tourists visited Gandaki Province for different purposes.

The data have been taken from all the three entry points to Pokhara-- Bijayapur, Chhorepatan and the airport.