Wednesday, 14 April, 2021

NTB commits to uplift the capacity of the hoteliers


By TRN Online, Kathmandu, Apr. 5: Nepal tourism board has made an announcement to lend a full hand in a bid to enhance the quality of the hotels and the capacity of the hoteliers of the country on the ending of the two days tourism-related training program organized in the co-ordination of the NTB and Federation of the Hotel Entrepreneur (FHE).

Dr Dhananjaya Regmi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) informed that the NTB will provide all the support in enhancing the capacity of the hoteliers for it helps in promoting tourism and the national economy while addressing the ending of two days training program on Sunday.

CEO Regmi further stressed that it is a must upgrade the small and medium hotel business to continue the flow of domestic tourism in the country as the international tourists are marooned owing to the COVID-19 infection.

All the 120 hoteliers from seven provinces and 77 districts who participated in the two-day training program poured their conviviality upon the role of the government in boosting the small and medium scale hotel industry while pointing out that the significant role of the small and medium hotels in creating the employment opportunities.

Hiradhoj Shah, Chairman of the Federation of the Hotel Entrepreneur (FHE) said that there are around 81 thousand, all told, small and medium hotels in the country have paramount importance.

Chairman Shah said, “We will provide the necessary support to uplift the quality of hotels and capacity of the hoteliers, and for that, there needs to be the necessary support from the side of the government as well.”

Amrit Bhujel, former chairman of the federation stressed that all the hotels under the federation has provided assistance to the country at the trying times of COVID -19 infection so the government should stand as the iron hand by providing financial and resource-based support for uplifting the hoteliers and the quality of hotels

Dinesh Kumar Chuke, Senior Vice-Chair at the Federation of Hotel Entrepreneurs said that this type of skill-enhancing training is a must and if supported by the NTB, then we will take this further into all the provinces as well.

Likewise, Birmanjan Batala, General Secretary of the Federation of Hotel Entrepreneurs said that the two-day training has proved to be very useful in imparting the practical as well as theoretical so it is a must to lay the cornerstone on the field of the hotel business and tourism.  

All the skilled and experienced members of the NTB imparted the training to all 120 participants.